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Ruth Kinane
October 05, 2016 AT 02:05 AM EDT

Well, if the world is going to end, at least with The CW’s new rom-com No Tomorrow, the remaining days will be pretty adorable.

When we first meet Evie Covington (Tori Anderson), the heroine of this the-world-is-ending-so-live-for-the-moment-themed show, she’s in a packaging warehouse spouting a bunch of clichés in the hope of inspiring better work ethic in her bored and unmotivated coworkers. “The clock is ticking,” she warns. “There’s no time to waste.” Evie is about to learn how to really put her motivational slogans to good use.

See, a few months ago, Evie bumped into “Xavier with an X” (Joshua Sasse of Galavant) at a farmers market. He looks exactly like someone you would expect to meet at a farmers market, complete with a beanie, beard and beads. Either bringing up bacteria is the ultimate pickup line or that twinkle in Xavier’s eyes was just too endearing for Evie because she was rendered speechless — and still thinks about him today.

Over lunch Evie is talking about “Xavier with an X” to her coworkers Kareema (Sarayu Blue) and Hank (Jonathan Langdon). Kareema (who is going to be my favorite character) delivers some blunt but sage advice that daydreaming Evie needs to get over him. “Don’t be one of those women defined by the quest to find the guy,” she says.

Heeding Kareem’s advice (and thankfully not Hank’s tip to pay a Korean hacker to track down Xavier’s address), Evie agrees that unless he happens to show up on her doorstep, she won’t pursue it further. Guess what happens as soon as Evie gets home? A box of beer named “Carpe Diem” has been accidentally delivered to her doorstep instead of Xavier with an X’s.

So Evie lugs the box over to his place. Tongue-tied as she might be, Xavier’s happy to see her and offers her a beer. Turns out it’s disgusting. Well it’s an acquired taste, anyway. Not unlike our leading man, Xavier. He’s wearing a beanie hat in the summer and multiple rings. He’s an impractical free spirit who is a little too idealistic for his own good and yet, he has just the right level of charisma to save him, mostly thanks to Sasse’s portrayal.

Based on all the SkyMall products in his home, Evie assumes he has a well-paying job, but Xavier doesn’t work at all. He throws around a few ambiguous comments like, “Gotta live life while I can,” leading Evie to deduce he’s suffering from a terminal illness. Which would be a logical assumption — but, no, that’s not it at all. The real reason Xavier is on a mission to live everyday like it’s his last? Because they are, for everyone. Yes, he informs Evie, while working at his science magazine job, he stumbled upon the fact that asteroid WX2000354 is heading straight for the Earth and will make impact, thus ending the world, in exactly eight months and 12 days. The apocalypse is nigh, as they say.

“So, we’re all doomed?” asks Evie in a very typically Evie outlook. “We’re all liberated,” responds Xavier in a very typically Xavier outlook. Having tried to warn the general public and sending many an unanswered email to NASA, Xavier has decided to just live it up while he can. He’s shirking all responsibilities, racking up parking tickets he’ll never have to pay, forgoing flossing, and checking items off his “Apoca-list” daily.

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