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Rachel DeSantis
October 06, 2016 AT 07:52 PM EDT

Do you remember when you were a kid in school, and you’d sit in class taking diligent notes on what your teacher was saying, yet somehow everything that came out of his mouth went in one ear and out the other? You’d sit, and as you solved times tables and proofs, wonder what impact this would ever possibly have on your life? This week’s Notorious felt like a fifth-grade classroom. I’m positive things happened, because I have the notes to show for it, but I’m not positive anything happened to move the story along like we needed.

We began with Alan, Sarah’s brother, finally agreeing to be a guest on Louise Herrick Live. Right now the whole world knows his sister is simply as a murder victim, but he wants to make sure people know that she was a real, actual person who laughed and smiled and cheated on her husband (but that’s neither here nor there). In typical LHL fashion, though, Louise has an exclusive that she’s ready to drop on her unsuspecting guest, and soon, she reveals to Alan (and the world) the photos of Sarah’s battered face and Oscar with another woman. “Oscar Keaton killed my sister,” he says into the camera. Dun dun dunnnn.

Meanwhile, PA Ryan is continuing to (literally) creep his way to the top. Julia is still struggling to figure out who sent her the photos, but never fear, Ryan is here! He’s like Fred from Scooby Doo — handsome and so good at solving mysteries! Of course, because he’s either a super-genius or the writers just gave up, Ryan figures out very quickly who sent the photos: Oscar’s BFF Levi. And he would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for that meddling kid! Ryan tells Julia his findings and after she tells him “You did great!” and awards him an A+ and a gold star, he walks away as giddy.

Now that the disturbing photos have been released to the public, Jake can finally confront Oscar about them. Oscar admits to having hit Sarah, but just once, several years ago, when he was extremely intoxicated and she found out about his affair. It was one time! Oscar also admits that he’s been dating someone online for the past few months, SweetVicky, whom he has yet to meet in person. This is totally going to end well.

Things surrounding Levi are still pretty suspicious, so Julia calls him in and asks him about the photos, hoping to threaten him enough to get him on LHL. He plays dumb and denies it at first, looking like a well-dressed deer in headlights. But eventually, he fesses up and manages to play Julia at her own game: He admits he sent the photos, but if Julia doesn’t lay off, he’s going to leak the photo of Jake and Sarah together to a competing news station. Mic drop, Levi out.

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