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If you’re just like me and still reeling from last week’s most dramatic Notorious episode yet (that was best read in Chris Harrison’s Bachelor voice), then perhaps you also enjoyed the slower pace of tonight’s installment. You see, poor Julia is still reliving Levi’s suicide (maybe it would help to remove the bloody shoes from your foyer? Just a thought) and can’t help but blame herself. Did she somehow push him over the edge? Because the rest of the world has yet to see the jarring tape Levi sent Julia, however, nearly everyone is still convinced of Oscar’s guilt — particularly Max, the dark and handsome DA with a penchant for making intense eye contact.

He meets up with Julia to ask if she thinks Levi killed Sarah, and eventually the conversation ends with Max acquiring the photos of Jake and Sarah in bed together — and Max and Julia agreeing to a lunch date. Sparks are really brewin’ here, people, because there’s obviously nothing as romantic as blood and guts.

Meanwhile, Jake’s case this week provided some pretty good insight into his so-far mysterious backstory. Jenna, a 9-months-pregnant surrogate, is sh-t out of luck: She’s due to give birth any minute now, but the biological parents of the child have bailed, leaving her with no choice but to raise the baby herself or place it into foster care. Because laws are weird, putting the baby up for adoption is not an option. Her fertility lawyer, Maggie, basically sucks; she refuses to help track down the parents and keeps repeating that she has to keep client information confidential.

Just when you think that’s all there is to the story, Bradley ever so subtly drops a bomb: “Your time in foster care was tough,” he says to Jake, and suddenly, it makes perfect sense as to why this case means so much to him. Jake grew up in the foster care system before Bradley’s family adopted him. See? I knew Bradley was a good guy, and this just proves he comes from a whole family of good guys.

We soon see Ryan’s single appearance this week, in a complete recreation of episode 1’s opening scene (with different players, of course). He and Ella are having sex in her motel room (that’s still weird to me, I don’t know), when a phone rings, a time is shown, and someone says “I’m late for work.” Seriously, did no one think I’d notice the show’s two sex scenes so far were exactly the same?

Max pays Jake a visit and ever so politely informs him that his team is aware Sarah was having an affair shortly before she was murdered. You know, if Levi originally gave Julia the pictures but is now dead, who gave the pictures to Max? Levi’s ghost? Ryan trying to get another promotion for a company he doesn’t even work for? As soon as Jake hears this, he knows he’s in deep — but more on that later.

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