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June 10, 2016 AT 02:16 AM EDT

Well, that was a double dose of happy returns.

Seeing Delphine again (She’s alive! But where? What’s happened to her? How soon can we tell Cosima? So many questions!) was the perfect capper to this season’s second-to-last episode, which began with another very happy return. Helena seems very in her elements in the elements, doesn’t she?

But the sense that her sisters might need her brings her back, and just in time. Those Leda bonds are strong, as we know — strong enough that Felix is pulled back in, and even Rachel is willing to team up with Sarah to bring down a common enemy.

There’s just one more episode to go, and I can’t wait to see how this fantastic season comes to a close. But now, it’s time for the clones to take anther trip through the Orphan Black Clone Status Hyper-Sequence Generator Calcutron and see where all our sestras land this week based on those family ties.


How lovely it is to see you again, Helena! Since she left the Hendrix home in episode 4, she’s been living on her own and having some “me” time in a snowy wooded area, hunting for her own food. But when she places a call to Sarah and gets the sense that something’s wrong, she drops everything save for that weird furry hat and comes back to town. (Did you notice the photos she had in her fortress of solitude?)

She’s concerned about Alison and Donnie and isn’t afraid to confront Adele when she starts asking clone questions. And her return couldn’t have been better timed, considering how she helped the Hendrixes out of what could have been a very bad run-in with Neolution (but more on that in a bit).

Sarah and Rachel

Let’s put these two together this week since they teamed up on a bring-down-Evie-Cho plan, to both of their great displeasure (“You really don’t like each other, do you?” Ira asks. Rachel’s reply: “She put a pencil in my brain.” That’ll do it!).  The plan? Take out Evie by exposing Brightborn’s deep, dark secret — that they’ve euthanized babies born with birth defects as a result of the gene-manipulating trials — which they can do because two Brightborn mothers escaped the facility with video footage in hand. Sarah tracks the women to a shelter with the help of Art, but Neolution is looking for them too and gets there first — one of the expectant mothers is found dead (it looks like a suicide, but we know it’s not) and the other is missing.

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They find that woman, Kendra, with help from Trina (who Sarah finds at the crime scene and speaks to, posing as Beth), and learn she’s staying in a relative’s house in another town. This place, Tisdale, comes up a few times — it’s also Evie’s hometown, and where she plans to build a new Brightborn facility to bring jobs back there — and there, Kendra tells Sarah and Art that her son was born blind and if Brightborn finds her, they’ll kill him.

NEXT: Rachel, are you with us or against us?

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