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The final shot of tonight’s episode, which featured the entire team standing together for the first time in quite some time, might have been the most hopeful moment of the season so far. Up to now, the final season has been pretty dark. Thankfully, “Sotto Voce,” which is all about friendship and trust, lightens the mood a bit as we see two of our wayward Team Machine-mates work their way back into the fold. But, before we get to the chummy stuff, Person of Interest has to tie-up a loose end from the third season.

Person of Interest: Terry Easton

We start in New York, where Reese arrives at an investment firm just in time to stop Terry Easton, a locksmith, from blowing the place up. After disarming the bomb, Reese takes the anxious Terry back to the precinct to interrogate him because he doesn’t seem like the type of guy who (a) could build a bomb or (b) would choose to blow an investment firm on his own.

When Reese returns to the precinct, we learn that things are still ice cold between Reese and Fusco, who is flying solo until his new partner transfers. While Fusco helps some uniforms book a bunch of guys from the Templario Cartel, Reese heads into interrogate Terry. When Finch and Reese find evidence that Terry’s wife was kidnapped, Terry finally admits that someone threatened to kill his wife unless he planted the bomb. Right at that moment, the mysterious man calls Terry and tells him that his wife will die because he failed. Finch, who is listening in, recognizes the voice as belonging to the criminal mastermind The Voice (who we met in the season 3 episode “Last Call”).

One of the things I’ve always loved about Person of Interest is its world building. Like its former network sibling The Good Wife, this show has always had a deep bench of recurring characters to pull from to enrich some of its week-to-week stories and the return of The Voice is a nice example of this. Since we’re in the final season, it’s about time the show revisited this dangerous antagonist who posed quite a challenge to Finch and the team when they first met him in season 3. If I had one complaint about his reintroduction, it’s that I wish we had gotten one more episode with him in season 4 to create a strong rivalry between Finch and The Voice, but that’s a quibble.

Using the photo’s metadata, Finch is able to track Carla’s location. So, Reese and a bunch of cops head off to the Meatpacking District to find her. When they arrive, the police rush inside the warehouse to find the wife while Reese, who receives a call from The Voice, remains outside. After acknowledging that he recognizes Reese from the events in “Last Call,” The Voice proceeds to blow up the building with all of the cops inside.

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Back at the precinct, Fusco has his hands filled with a cab driver named Amir, who was booked on an unregistered gun charge. However, when they ran a ballistic test on the weapon, they discovered it was linked to many unsolved homicides. At first, Amir plays innocent, but when Fusco calls him on his BS, he immediately flips a switch to cold-blooded serial killer.  

After the bomb in the Meatpacking District goes off, the Eighth Precinct receives several other bomb threats calls to keep them busy. Reese returns to the precinct hell-bent on finding The Voice after his fellow police officers were injured, and he discovers someone slipped Terry a phone with a message from The Voice instructing him to free the gang members and also freed him from the interrogation room. Clearly, The Voice has another accomplice in the precinct.

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