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Samantha Highfill
March 11, 2015 AT 04:34 PM EDT

In 100 episodes, the writers of Pretty Little Liars have learned a lot: They know how to create suspense; they knows when a couple needs to be happy; and they know when to set off a bomb (both literally and figuratively). But after an hour of awkward dialogue, choppy transitions, and—dare I say it—too many sex scenes, the 100th episode left a sour taste. This is a show that has learned a lot, but it could still use a lesson in balance.

After last week’s highly emotional, highly intriguing look into the emotional state of things, tonight was all about giving viewers the fast-paced drama they want. And in order to fit in all of the make outs, confrontations, and at least one bombing, a lot was sacrificed in terms of the basics, such as, well, dialogue. Had Marlene King and Co. not tried to squeeze so much action into one episode, it would’ve been much more enjoyable. But much like Ali’s back-to-school outfit, this episode was very, very busy.

Within the first few minutes, we’re re-introduced to Travis, Ezria’s adorable little touches (a.k.a. the way she strokes his hair), and Jenna, who arrives back in town on the special bus. Literally, her bus says that it came from “Special.” And with Jenna, comes the news of Shana’s murder, something that shocks everyone in Rosewood. Meanwhile, the viewers are more shocked that it took the police this long to figure out that she was killed.

But there’s no time for life’s little annoyances—such as murder—when Ali’s going back to school. In what might be the longest sequence of the episode, Ali walks the halls of Rosewood High in slow motion, as if she’s Regina George and high school matters at all in this town.

Ali lets it be known that she is going to make amends with everyone, including those scary twins. However, before Ali can find her way to the guidance counselor’s office—does she really not remember where it is?—the show squeezes in it’s next big plot point: Veronica Hastings has returned from the spa, decided to leave her husband, and Spencer is going with her.

But don’t gasp yet! First, you have to let Mrs. Hastings say something super ominous about how Melissa and Peter weren’t at a dinner the night Mrs. D died. She clearly believes her husband is behind Mrs. D’s death, but that’s not what bugs her; it’s the fact that she thought they had “an understanding” to never involve Spencer and Melissa. Involve them in what? There’s no telling, but it certainly sounds like Mr. and Mrs. H are the new Bonnie and Clyde (minus the theft). However, in Spencer’s world, divorce is much more devastating than murder.

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