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March 23, 2012 at 05:55 AM EDT

Project Runway All Stars

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UPDATE: My interview with winner Mondo Guerra!

We knew it would happen. It just took a lot of “bitching and moaning” — Mondo’s words, not mine — to get to this point. Many of you said throughout the season that this entire All Stars experiment was built around the expectation that Mondo would win, perhaps to make up for all the ill will Gretchen Jones’ season eight win generated. At the beginning of the season, I wanted Mondo to win as much as anyone else. I still think he deserved to win, but I’m not jumping up and down like I thought I would be. These past few weeks, Mondo’s behavior has made it hard to root for him. But that’s not to say he isn’t a fabulously talented designer.

The morning of the final runway show, Mondo realized that his dear friend Michael wanted to win more than anyone else. But Mondo tearfully claimed that he deserved it more because he just worked so freaking hard. People go through a time in their lives when they realize their own wants, struggles, and hurts aren’t always more real or important than others’ — it’s called adulthood.

In the car on the way to Gotham Hall ( i.e., Not Fashion Week), the infinitely cheerier Austin Scarlett proclaimed to have a “fashion orgasm” out of pure excitement. Gotham Hall really is a beautiful space — or maybe I just have fond memories of the place because it’s where I met Chace Crawford and Matt Bomer! As the esteemed guests filed in, the three finalists scrambled to fit their looks onto their models. Austin Scarlett whirled like a tornado through his fitting space as he struggled to fit his ornate red carpet gown onto his model.

Michael, who was so certain he’d already finished his collection before arriving at the venue, realized a few of his looks didn’t fit the models at all. Maybe Joanna and the judges were right all along and Michael really doesn’t care about women’s bodies. In an effort to pull an ill-fitting dress off a model, he jerked her around as if he were a chiropractor trying to pop her shoulder back in. That, or he was trying to kill her. Another of his dresses — his signature white Grecian — was six inches too big around the waist. Speed isn’t everything!

Mondo mostly did spot-checks and Joanna came by to run a lint-roller over the back of his suit. Awww. He said it was like “your aunt rolling you down.” Well, Joanna would make one chic aunt.

NEXT: Hasidic Jew-vampires, mental patients, and endangered animals walk the runway.

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