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Jacqueline Andriakos
July 26, 2013 AT 05:30 AM EDT

No, you aren’t on the wrong channel accidentally watching an episode of Law & Order. But the briefcases, guns, guarded vans, and the stoic armed men in uniform are a lot less stress-inducing than the evil about to take the runway with Heidi: the button bag.

With several audible gasps and nervous “you’ve got to be kidding me” chuckles from designer row, Heidi announces that the security guards are present for “millions and millions of reasons…”


The models grace the runway, frosted in over $30 million worth of borrowed jewels straight from the Diamond District. This week’s challenge is to create a glamorous evening look inspired by the precious stones that the models are wearing.

“I’m not inspired by jewelry. I’m not inspired by money. We have to pick the prettiest diamond, and I think that that’s very superficial.” And now for a round of Guess Which Designer Said That—Oh, Timothy. We’re not sure that you realize the fashion industry by nature is materialistic and superficial. As the designers begin their model scouting, Bradon is up first due to his challenge win and sticks with his first-round lady. Everyone gets to breathe a sigh of relief when it turns out the button bag is merely determining the selection order. It’s only episode two, and Klum and Co. certainly have bigger and better button bag tricks up their perfectly seamed sleeves.

Most seem more excited than petrified at the idea of diving into eveningwear so early on in the competition. But then again, sophisticated gowns constructed from real fabrics probably feel like a walk in the park after the runway parade of parachutes. Bradon’s parachute gown was, however, impeccably elegant, and hopefully he can come out with back-to-back immunities.

But look out, designers, we’ve got some members of the gang entering workroom stage one: overconfidence. Helen is tattooed with cockiness, claiming that she’s got this one in the bag. “I do eveningwear,” she declares, with bold plans to make a fitted gown with cups and sleek style lines.

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