Missy Schwartz
September 25, 2008 AT 09:27 PM EDT

Now, that was a good hour of Project Runway. It’s been so long since any episode this season delivered the way the show used to that I’d forgotten how much fun it can be when: The challenge was inspired, someone effed up royally, and they all busted out the catty. It’sRunway lightning in a bottle — and last night caught itself a few bolts.

The fun started when Leanne stole Suede’s model. Korto leaned over and whispered, “You’re a heartbreaker, Leanne.” Then, we cut to the confessional, where Suede compared Leanne to a jealous little kid in the candy store. The team kicked up a whole lotta drama in the first five minutes, only to learn that they wouldn’t even be using the models this week. Oh, the irony! The designers would be playing runway divas. And they’d each be designing for each other, creating a look inspired by a genre of music. No one looked less enthused than Korto, who fretted over both modeling and having to design punk menswear for Suede. The kicker? She’d be gettin’ a little bit country for the runway. “It just gets better and better,” she sighed.

For all her initial apathy, Korto soon showed the spunkier side that Terri has said was so much fun in the workroom. “I’m Shania Jank…I gotta get my twang together,” she joked. And once she stepped into those black cowboy boots…oooooeeee! Girl cut loose, warbling some tune about said footwear and line-dancing around the room. I’m not sure I saw her actually smile in all the commotion, but I am now the founding member of the “country-fried Korto” fan club.

Almost as awesome as Korto’s bust-a-move routine was her swift, decisive dismissal of Kenley. As Leanne and Korto finished up their prep talk, in barged Kenley to show Leanne the stilettos she’d picked out for her. The transformation of Kenley from cool Bettie Page gal to full-fledged enfant terrible is just astounding — as startling a metamorphosis as what happened to poor Gregor Samsa. And last night, her brattiness hit an apex.

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