Stephan Lee
September 21, 2012 AT 07:33 AM EDT

I’m away for two weeks and everything falls apart! I recently got back from a trip to Berlin, which I took in order to better understand Heidi and the country she hails from. (EW should really pick up the tab since my travels will enrich all future Runway recaps — I’d even settle for just flight, meals, lodging, and entertainment). Breia Brissey did a brilliant job filling in for me with episode 8, but then another colleague was unable to fill in last week. We messed up. Genuine apologies all around, especially since it was a pretty heady episode in which Dmitry finally won, Ven got smacked down, and Gunnar left — I can’t believe I’m sad about that!

But no one could ever stay sad for long in the presence of the Rockettes. Thirty-six high-kicking ladies in red and one Heidi Klum in green pranced onto the stage at Radio City Music Hall. I’m really impressed by Heidi’s ability to raise those legs! Plus, her green-sequined getup wasn’t any more ridiculous than most of the things she’s worn to the runway this season.

So the challenge was to create a costume for the Rockettes that the ladies would wear for a special performance. Dmitry immediately grasped this challenge; as a former ballroom dancer, he’s well versed in the art of fringe. As has been the case all season, Melissa, Sonjia, and Elena found the challenge overwhelmingly daunting and they each peed a little bit at the thought of not making something black and shoulder-padded and weird-necklined.

Determined to prove the judges wrong, Elena went (temporarily?) insane at Mood. She apparently had it in her head that she was designing for Honey Boo Boo and ended up going $150 over budget on sequins. Those sequins could have vajazzled an entire village. Back in the workroom, she blamed Dmitry for somehow forcing her to choose a terrible blue fabric since Dmitry is responsible for all the blue/evil in the world. Dmitry wondered, “Why are you making something you hate?” Thank you, Dmitry. But did you ever think that Elena might just hate everything?

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