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Project Runway recap: Great Fabrications

The contestants design their own fabrics; Mondo Guerra returns

Project Runway

POSITIVE THINKING All-Stars winner Mondo Guerra joined Tim Gunn in the workroom to support the contestants in what had been a very emotional challenge for him in season 8.


Project Runway

Season 10, Ep. 9 | Aired Sep 13

EW apologizes for the lack of a full recap for the September 13, 2012 episode of Project Runway, in which the contestants designed their own fabrics and Gunnar Deatherage was eliminated.

Mondo Guerra returned to help Tim Gunn advise the designers on the challenge that marked a profound turning point in his life during season 8. He’d opened up on the runway to reveal, in an explanation of why his pattern was emblazoned with plus-signs, that he’d been HIV-positive for 10 years.

Season 9 winner Anya Ayoung-Chee returned as well, as a guest judge.

Dmitry Sholokhov won the fabric challenge, primarily due to his forward-thinking black jacket with intricate cutouts that showcased his red-and-white pattern in an intriguing and unexpected way. It’s about time!

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