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Annie Barrett
August 12, 2011 AT 05:30 AM EDT

This week’s Project Runway featured both stilts and Kim Kardashian, and I am so sorry to report that this was the extent of the interplay between those two freaky, damn near inexplicable elements of society. The 14 designers had to partner up (ugh!) to create eye-catching, imaginative, and truly larger-than-life designs…for stilts models! STILTS MODELS. This is apparently a thing. “There’s a reason why I’m this tall right now,” said Heidi Klum on stilts.

Stilts models.

Stilts models cannot be contained by the traditional boundaries of walls and ceilings, so this week’s fashion show took place outside — in front of a live audience and the press — for the first time ever. It ended up being just as much an awkward dance party as a regular runway show, as the stilts models had to use rather creative arm movements to maintain balance. It was kind of cool in that the movements were mostly fluid, but on the other vastly out-of-proportion hand, it was also like…Why are you dancing? Fun stuff.

The designers only had ONE DAY to pull this off, which was ridiculous. But $500 and a first trip to Mood ain’t bad. I’ve really missed the store’s mascot, Swatch, and I’m not even that into dogs.

Let’s go through the partnerships one by one, omitting “totally lucked out” Anya and Olivier, who swathed some crazy-looking fabric around a stilts model, admitted that neither of them felt it was their best work, and were promptly pronounced safe after about a minute of combined screen time.

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