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November 16, 2015 AT 03:31 AM EST

Is there a technical, Bureau-approved term for “information overload”? Because that’s how you could describe tonight’s episode. Quantico has never been a show to slow down and let you put together pieces before making you solve 10,000 new puzzles, but tonight’s episode threw so many answers at us, I might need to write a recap of this recap later. I apologize ahead of time, but let’s get to it anyway…

The Academy

Now that the Twin Twist is out in the open, the NATs get to “meet” Raina. Instead of “the fat one” and “the skinny one,” we can tell these twins apart by who wears a hijab (Raina) and who doesn’t (Nimah). (Am I the only one who can’t stop comparing this to Big Brother?) Now that they’re each their own person, Raina keeps her single room, and Nimah moves in with Alex.

Simon has calmed down about the twins’ big secret — they were required to do it, so he couldn’t stay that mad — and he’s trying to figure out which half of “Franken-Nimah” said what. He loves all these stories he thought were from Raina but turn out to be from Nimah. Uh oh.

Shelby and Caleb are bunking up together across the hall from where Brandon and Natalie are bunking together… Not only has that “no hookup” rule just flown out the window, but apparently co-habitating is totally okay now, too.

In class, Miranda tells the remaining agents that the rest of their time at Quantico will be about “the outside world,” which they’ll get to actually visit now. Just like when they’re in the field, their Lesson of the Week is to take individualized assignments and figure out how to build a case before reporting to their superiors. It takes about .2 seconds for the NATs to realize their cases are all connected. Miranda applauds them on a job well done — no one is ever alone in the FBI — and says they’ll be presenting it at FBI headquarters.

It’s very convenient for Alex and Ryan that this Lesson of the Week is taking them to HQ because they can retrieve files on her father from there. A contact of Ryan’s gave him a photo of Alex’s dad with Liam O’Connor. Apparently Alex’s dad was Liam’s boss when he was first out of the academy. The photo has a Nebraska license plate in the background, and somehow this leads the duo to the exact box and file they need, but they don’t have a lot of time so Alex stashes it in her bag.

The NAT class, led by Nimah and Simon, present their findings to two FBI bosses. They pass, but then are told the lesson isn’t over: This was a real biological attack that the FBI stopped in the past, which the agents must attempt to do now. They all go undercover at a park to catch their perp. Ever the star of the class, Alex IDs the perp and tackles him. However, she doesn’t find the container of Ebola on him, so they head back to HQ with him in tow, but ultimately empty-handed.

Or so they think. Because everything is a test at Quantico. When Alex was tackling the target, someone put the contagion in her bag. They all failed the lesson — and Liam had the file taken from Alex’s bag.

NEXT: No one trusts anyone these days.

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