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May 16, 2016 AT 09:45 PM EDT

It was The Recruit all along! (If you consider plot points from a 2003 movie spoilers, then just skip to the next paragraph…or be better about watching movies.) Alex was the Colin Farrell character, straight down to wondering about her father’s FBI career; and Liam was Al Pacino, the evil bad guy in charge. My analogy starts to fall apart when I have to compare Ryan to someone…maybe Bridget Moynahan?

Anyway, it’s all over, and Liam was indeed the bad guy, and I have a lot of thoughts about that, so let’s get to it.

The season 1 finale of Quantico begins with quick cuts of How Liam Became Evil: He meets with Miranda at a bar about a job at Quantico, he bugs all the NATs rooms and watches them like a creep, he pretends to be drunk that one time so he can get close to Alex, he blackmails Elias into drugging her before the Grand Central blast, and then he personally shoots Ryan and places Alex’s body in the rubble (how did no one get videos of this!?). He’s been a busy bad man.

In the present, Miranda — lying on Liam’s floor with a couple bullet wounds in her shoulder — asks him why he’s doing this. “I thought you’d enjoy watching it all burn down to the ground with me.” He’s the portrait of evil here, but let’s jump quickly to our last academy flashback, where he was still just a slight creeper.

After the NATs take glammed-up FBI badge photos and throw away their ONE pair of clothes (gross), Liam tells them that it’s been 20 weeks since they started. They’re done save for the last Assignment of the Week: to get wasted with the academy faculty at The Old Settler.

Sure, this should be a great day for everyone, but instead, most of them are mopey. Alex and Ryan were happy — they were planning a two-week trip together before they had to report to NYC and DC, respectively. But then Liam spills the beans that Ryan turned down the DC offer and is instead going to Texas. Alex confronts Ryan about lying to her; he says that he wanted the graduation day to be about her, but she breaks up with him again anyway.

Shelby and Caleb are just as unhappy. She’s working with Clayton to take down her parents, and when her mother sends a letter, she’s able to arrange a meet-up in the U.S. But Caleb doesn’t think this is the right thing to do, so he goes to warn Laura Wyatt. Shelby is so angry that Caleb screwed up busting her mother (and that he got assigned a corner office in San Diego) that she tells Claire all about his recent Sistemics run-in. The result is that his parents don’t come to his graduation day at Quantico. Caleb may have forgiven Shelby in the future for this and for having an affair with his father, but I don’t think I’m ever going to. In that moment, she came off as evil as Liam.

Speaking of evil Liam, in the present the NYC bureau is aflutter trying to find Miranda. He rolls in and says it totally makes sense that it would be his former flame: She was passed over time and time again by the FBI. The bombings took out many FBI agents, which means she could cut off the head of the beast and build a new FBI in her image.

Alex is having a hard time believing this, but Liam’s insistent…and then he goes back to his car in the FBI parking lot to make sure she’s still tied up in his trunk. (For being a mastermind, he’s pretty dumb.) Miranda has gotten loose, and when Liam knocks her out again, he gets blood on his shirt. This is really bad for him because Ryan is in the parking lot, too. Liam knocks him out, and then things start to unravel for him.

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