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Miranda has her department under her traitorous little thumb in the present — but before we sort through all the lies echoing through the FBI halls, let’s rewind a year to when Miranda, Alex, Ryan, Shelby, and Nimah found a bug planted in Alex’s room.

Miranda wants to end the mission, but Director Keyes refuses. He tells a story about how the AIC, as Alex and Ryan have dubbed it, took out one of his operatives in Berlin. She was selling secrets to Russian intelligence and Keyes was building a case against her, but the AIC got there first. If they don’t find the vigilantes who infected the agency, he warns, they will become the agency. The mission, its decided, continues at full speed. And we’re left wondering when Miranda flips to the dark side if she’s still actually looking out for Ryan and Alex here.

Everyone in training seems to be getting bad news: Dayana learns that her witness is recanting her testimony. Ryan receives a package from Liam O’Connor’s estate. And when they get to class, Alex finds her name at the bottom of the murder board. As class begins, Owen introduces the Lesson of the Week: concealing emotions. Owen promises to rattle everyone and show them how to turn their vulnerabilities into strengths. As they all slip on bands that measure vitals, another CIA instructor tells Harry he has to do a follow-up blood test at the CIA infirmary. At the same time, Owen approaches León to tell him that there was an escape at the Mexican prison where he was held. León is worried that the fugitive will come looking for him — and absolutely no considers that all of this is happening to expose weaknesses.

For the afternoon, Owen says that the recruits will be heading to a reception at Langley to meet case officers who will be evaluating them. If anyone’s stress levels enter the red zone, they’re out. Before heading off to Langley, Alex excitedly tells Ryan they have a chance to run a counter-mission: Director Keyes has given her a next-gen cell tower simulator. If she can get close to Owen long enough, Alex’s device can clone his phone, which will give them access to all the heart rate data so they can interrogate their fellow recruits about the bug and AIC.

Alex tries to find an excuse to stay near Owen long enough. She fails at her first attempt, and during her second, Owen tells her that while he “knows Alex is good with teachers,” he “doesn’t play on that side of the pool.” I know he warned that he was going to rattle everyone, but the slut-shaming even has me uncomfortable. Plus, the upload didn’t work, so she’ll have to try again.

Other interesting things that happen during this “party”:

  • Lydia chats with Director Keyes about how Owen is only talking to counter-intelligence officers. “He’s digging,” says Keyes. Lydia says that don’t know that yet. Are these two in cahoots?
  • León is discussing the escaped convict, Anaya, with the operative from the Mexico desk. She tells him that Anaya didn’t escape, he was released.
  • Director Keyes and Owen have a brief conversation. Owen Hall’s name was printed by a journalist with absolutely no aiding by the CIA, Keyes insists.
  • Sebastian tells Harry he might as well kill himself now since he’s not willing to live while he still has a chance.

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