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August 16, 2015 AT 11:06 PM EDT

With Paige and Ray working out a lucrative deal last week, “Swing Vote” turns its attention to the actual process of the Finneys buying an NFL team, and the implications of Ray having made a deal behind Finney’s back. Plus, Abby’s back home now, so there’s the whole issue of his marriage to deal with.

Despite the potentially dangerous situation Ray’s getting himself into, he might be the safest Donovan right now. After a great first day on the job, Mickey and Darryl are really starting to struggle in the hookers-and-coke business. More than that, they’ve struck a deal with a particularly violent and volatile group of people. That’s made clear when Mickey joins Mrs. Minassian (played by Twin Peaks‘ Grace Zabriskiem, who’s always a welcome presence on my TV screen) on a trip to visit one of her other clients.

They meet up at a strip club called Xposed, where a client is struggling to pay his rent while also paying off Mrs. Minassian. She uses the client as an example of what will happen to Mickey if he strays or gets behind on his payments, having one of her henchmen beat up the strip club owner.

Mrs. Minassian and her violent ways aren’t the only problems facing Mickey in “Swing Vote.” Ginger and her daughter are being threatened with eviction, and the building superintendent tells her that if she doesn’t move she’ll call Child Protective Services. That means that Mickey will lose the glue holding his operation together, so he needs a solution as soon as possible.

That’s where Darryl comes in. He tells Mickey that if Ginger just needs a legitimate job as a front for her real job, then Mickey should add her to the books at the Fite Club. Mickey’s blown away by his son’s ingenuity. Darryl’s less surprised that he can fix his dad’s problems. As he says, “include me in the problems and I’ll include you in the solutions.”

While Mickey has a temporary fix for his problem, Terry is facing bigger problems. When he comes to the gym for work in the morning, he finds a weight sitting on his desk. It’s just like the one he killed the Aryan inmate with, and when he sees a hulking white dude leaving the gym and talking on his phone he can’t help but think that the Aryans are still after him.

He spends the rest of the day locked in the Fite Club with the lights off, a gun in his hand and ready to fire when the Aryans come for him. It’s all for naught though; the only ones who show up are Ray and Mickey much later in the evening. He initially fires on Mickey before Ray talks him down, and then the three joke around about it.

Mickey jokes that Ray would have loved for him to get shot, and then they all joke about his shaky aim due to his Parkinson’s. It’s crude, but that’s when the Donovans are at their best; their love takes the form of insults. Plus, the weight may not have been a threat. There’s a good chance Bunchy was just using it as a paperweight.

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