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May 15, 2015 AT 03:39 AM EDT

Delphine’s not the only one who gets burned in this season finale: Catherine is stripped of her title and her dignity by an enraged Francis, and ends up seeking the enemy of her enemy who therefore has to be a (possible) friend, Queen Elizabeth I.

But before we get to that shocker, we’ve got to get through a dozen others. We open the hour at Condé’s camp, where his men have been prematurely celebrating their impending victory against Francis by getting it on with dozens of women they picked up, uh…somewhere…? The details don’t matter anyway, at least not to Condé. Francis’ challenger to the throne is just happy to have Mary by his side—surprise pregnancy included—and isn’t fazed when Mary warns him Francis has cannons. “You’re safe now, Mary, you made the right decision coming to me,” he tells her.

Mary doesn’t look so sure, with good reason. Catherine has broken the news to an incredulous Francis, and she’s out for Mary’s traitorous blood. Of course, Mary’s not a traitor at all; she’s been lying to Condé about practically everything since she showed up unexpectedly in his camp. She’s not with child, she brought the whores from Greer, and the plague that appears to ravage Condé’s men the next morning is a hoax. And with all that scheming, Mary’s able to deliver the final blow: a stab to Condé’s six-pack abs stomach that leaves him bloody and unconscious on the ground—and her in a dramatic pool of tears. Love is patient, love is kind, love is what makes you vulnerable enough to trust the queen of France when you’re in the middle of trying to take her husband’s throne. Sigh. Good try, Condé.

In the castle, the tension’s running just as high. Princess Claude corners Leith to urge him again to believe her about the creature they saw in the passageways, and insists that Delphine is a monster who can shape-shift into other beings. (So Delphine = Mystique?) Bash corners Francis to tell him Mary’s departure may not have been a betrayal after all, because she left a package for him to Greer. Francis is further convinced when the half-brothers find that Condé’s panicked men are scattering all over the place like chickens with their heads cut off (guillotined chickens, perhaps? You know, because France? Never mind), and takes the opportunity to lead his men into Condé’s camp.

There, he finds Mary, still crouched over Condé, unsure of whether he’ll live. Francis is at the same time relieved and suspicious, pointing out that Mary could have had everything she wanted if she ran away with Condé. Mary counters by saying she loves him. “I love you, Francis,” she sobs. “I always have. Always.” Love is patient, love is kind, love is what makes you stab a former lover in the stomach so you can reunite with your dying husband!

Alas, that reunion isn’t happening just yet. The pair must first decide what to do with Condé, who has survived Mary’s stabbing and has been thrown into the castle dungeons. Francis isn’t eager to chop off the usurper’s head, but Catherine, again, wants bloodshed—a decision Narcisse doesn’t appear to approve of as he eavesdrops on their conversation. Then again, just before Mary and Francis returned, Narcisse had spent some time comforting Catherine as she worried about dying in the siege and wished they could be together forever. “I want us to be together,” she had said, “to go forward together.” She may want that, but Narcisse sure doesn’t.

Another couple struggling to stay together forever? Kenna and Renaude. Poor Kenna has to hear Renaude’s final words and watch as he’s hanged. But those final words are useful. Renaude warns Kenna that Elizabeth’s campaign against Mary isn’t just a political one; it’s personal.

Kenna, in an attempt to right her love life, runs back to Bash, saying she ended up in Renaude’s arms because she panicked when she saw him with Delphine and now wants another chance to be his devoted wife. Bash looks skeptical at first, but when she reminds him she called out his name during the siege and saved his life, he falls into her arms. The two reunite a happy couple—at least for now.

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