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May 04, 2015 AT 04:55 AM EDT

This past week, ABC finally announced that Revenge‘s fourth season would be its last. The announcement wasn’t all that surprising given what the show has been doing over the past couple of weeks, but it was nice to finally get confirmation. It is with this knowledge that we viewed Revenge‘s penultimate episode, one that didn’t feel like it was barreling toward a series finale—save the brief return of Charlotte Grayson Clarke (Christa B. Allen) and a not-totally-surprising episode-ending death. Let’s dive into “Plea.”

The prosecutor is going for Emily for first-degree murder with special circumstances. Her father Dr. Hal Abbott defense attorney Lawrence Stamberg (Everwood‘s Tom Amandes) desperately tries to persuade her to take a plea, but Emily stubbornly refuses. In spite of being a flight risk and having no ties to the community she spent years terrorizing, the judge grants her bail, but with very strict conditions; she’s confined to her home and forced to wear an ankle monitor that will definitely clash with all of her stunning dresses.

Ben volunteers to fit Emily for her anklet and to monitor her because he knows she’ll try to leave the house for some revenging. He warns her to not even try, but, Emily being Emily, she ignores this advice. To prove Victoria is still alive and clear her name, Emily needs to find Mason Treadwell, so she enlists Nolan and Jack’s help. Nolan, using a photo from a surveillance camera, tracks Mason down to a trailer park. He also finds a way to clone the signal from Emily’s monitor so the police will think she’s at home when she goes after Mason.

Before leaving, Emily has two important conversations. The first with Jack, who stuck around to help David, who is going through a torturous chemotherapy treatment. Emily confirms that she did try to prevent him from leaving and that she wants to give “this” a chance once all of this is cleared up. The second is with her father, who finds out that she’s going to leave the house and tries to stop her. “I am your father, and I am telling you, you are not leaving this house.” It’s cute that David thinks this will stop her.  

Emily heads to the trailer park and finds a trailer furnished with a bar that just screams “Mason (or Victoria) was here.” A couple living next door tells her that Mason, accompanied by a regal looking woman with nice skin, fled the park in a hurry hours ago. Unfortunately for her, Detective Ben isn’t as stupid as he looks. The police reset her ankle monitor frequency and realize that she has fled the premises. They track Emily to the trailer park, and she’s arrested.

Upside to all of this, however, is that Jack finds out that Margaux is involved because the license plate on her town car matches the one seen in the photo Nolan used to find Mason. Emily needs to interrogate Margaux, but she’s locked up. Thanks to a series of unfortunate events that includes Nolan and Jack framing her for trying to steal from a jewelry store, Margaux ends up in a cell right next door to Emily’s. Revealing her practical munitions training (the ability to turn anything in your environment into a weapon, a.k.a MacGeyver-ing), Emily threatens Margaux with a battery filled sock until she reveals her involvement in Victoria’s dastardly plot. 

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