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The promo for this newest episode of Revolution, titled “The Plague Dogs,” teased a character death. Indeed, someone didn’t make it out alive – and this wasn’t a flashback death. It was a real, in-the-present goodbye to one of the characters we’ve gotten to know over the first four episodes of Revolution. But before I get into that, let’s see how we got there.

Last week, Charlie seemed to forgive Miles pretty quickly for his part in the Monroe Militia, but the peace between them doesn’t last long. Running into militiaman after militiaman who’s petrified of Miles has gotten to her, and she begins to lash out on her uncle for his murderous past. Miles doesn’t take it too well – he yells at her, “I don’t owe you an explanation. I owe you nothing.”

In Lowell, Indiana, Aaron and Maggie wait in a storm-torn street. It’s been 15 days since Miles set the town as their rendezvous point in two weeks’ time. Aaron isn’t too worried, sure that Charlie will get to them safely, but Maggie – who was sure she’d seen Miles and Charlie for the last time when they left them – is getting anxious.

A flashback to the night of the blackout reminds us why Maggie tends to think the worst has happened when loved ones disappear from her sight. She’s in Seattle, its skyline brightly lit outside the window of her hotel room. She’s video chatting with her two boys, rushing to head out for what must be an important, special evening (she’s all dressed up). As the babysitter apologizes for not getting them to sleep yet, the boys beg their mother to read The Wizard of Oz to them, “just one chapter.” (They must have been pretty excited when she told them she was going to the Emerald City.) Maggie refuses, telling them to go to bed – and that’s her last words to them before the power cuts out, turning dark the Seattle skyline, Space Needle and all, with only the light of the setting sun left.

Aaron snaps Maggie back to the present, saying, “Maggie? Maggie? We can’t tell them, right?” He’s insisting on keeping the Locket of Power a secret, not because he doesn’t trust Charlie but because “people will kill for it… the fewer people know about it, the better.”

Then Charlie, Nora and Miles walk into town. Maggie gives Charlie a relieved hug, and introductions are made for Nora, who’s none too impressed with the heavy, bespectacled man and the small, fair woman. “This is who’s going up against the militia, really?” she snaps. I can’t quite figure Nora out – she goes back and forth between kind and cold. She warmed to Charlie last week, letting her in on her sad story, but that was only after Charlie had proven herself useful in a few missions against the militia.

Night has fallen, and the band of travelers comes across a pack of dogs, gnawing away at a dead stag. Miles knows that there’s not much they can do in the face of a bunch of hungry dogs, so he gives his companions one brief command: “Run.” So run they do, but for Aaron, not fast enough before one dog bites him in the leg. Maggie promptly shoots the dog with a crossbow.

Over at Independence Hall, Rachel is sketching something that looks an awful lot like the symbol of the Dharma Initiative. I guess Elizabeth Mitchell can’t get away from that ominous octagon. But what is this she’s drawing? Some kind of portal? A machine? Probably something to do with the power going out or how to get it back on, but why is she sketching it?

A click of keys in the door – just before Sebastian Monroe comes in, Rachel manages to tuck the sketchbook in the middle of a pile of other books. Bass pesters her again for answers about what Ben knew of the blackout, getting awfully close to that sketchbook. When Rachel continues to play dumb, Bass calls in a Sgt. Strauser, who opens up a kit full of all manner of tools clearly meant for torture. Rachel puts her hands behind the back of her chair – she knows what’s coming.

Back to Charlie and co.: While Maggie’s patching up Aaron’s leg with Charlie at their side, Nora and Miles are talking out of earshot of the rest of the group. Miles tells his ex that he’s going to leave his niece (again), says it’s better for everyone with the militia tracking him down. In Nora’s response we hear some remaining bitterness about how Miles must have left her: “You’re the same selfish dick, with the same crap excuses, and whenever you get close to anyone, you take off.”

Then we get the first hint that Miles knows at least something of what’s really happened to Rachel. He says, “It’s not my fault that her dad’s dead” – doesn’t sound like he’s following his own orders to Charlie to never disrespect Ben – “It’s not my fault what happened to her mom.”

Miles turns around, and there he sees Charlie. She’s overheard the whole conversation, all of his insistence that just because Charlie’s family, that doesn’t mean he has any commitment to her. There’s a resigned hurt on the girl’s face as Miles and Nora strut past her.

Now time for a Charlie flashback: No titlecard telling us how long it’s been since the blackout, but new, older child actors tells us it’s been a few years. On a woods-surrounded path, Rachel is saying goodbye to her family, explaining to little Charlie and Danny that she will be gone for a few months to search for supplies. But Charlie knows her mom has never been on a trip like this before, senses something else is going on. After hugs and “I love you’s,” Rachel walks away, Charlie pulled back by her dad, begging her mom not to leave. Where is she really off to? We have to wait until the end of the episode to find out.

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