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July 07, 2016 at 12:29 AM EDT

Royal Pains

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Welp, that’s that. As we knew it — for eight fun seasons — HankMed (and Royal Pains) is no more.

Eddie’s marriage to Ms. Newberg and the reconciliation of all the Lawson men last week served us a bit of finality all its own, but this week we get to learn the status of everyone else’s ever afters, and boy, are they all happy. Almost too happy, really, but that’s what makes it all so satisfying.

As promised, Dr. Hank does indeed make his big move into post-bachelor life, Divya’s determination finally pays off, and Boris rewards Evan and Paige’s emotional generosity with something incredibly (and not just monetarily) valuable.

What we’re left with at the end is an unquestionable assurance that as we leave this part of the Hamptons, our friends are and will be continuing to enjoy the fruits of their good labor in the best ways possible — so yes, sometimes we can have nice things.

Bye, bye Boris…

Boris is basically a bookend to HankMed. He was the one who recruited Hank to stick around in the sunshine and do his personal doctorly bidding, and his departure is part of what finishes it.

This season began with a mysterious hacking incident at Hamptons Heritage Hospital, and along the way, we found out it was Boris’s medical records that were being targeted by someone overseas. Now we finally know exactly why these cyber-attackers were pillaging Boris’s files: It was Russian oligarchs who wanted to recruit him to reign. Didn’t see that coming.

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Turns out, Boris is distantly related to Russian royalty — historical czars, in fact — which explains his many monikers and why he was willing to let Evan (and his feigned relationship to the monarchy) in his doorway back in the pilot episode. He’s not interested in “intervening in Russia’s destiny” right now, though, so instead he and his family are flitting off to parts unknown to hide from whatever coups these rich Ruskies are about to pull off. That’s a hard pass for him, in other words, but one family member he does want to take along for his new journey is Hank.

Yes, Hank’s become family to him, he says, and he has the doc to thank for all his healing — and not just the medical kind. “In large part thanks to you, I now have a great deal of what I want in my life,” he tells him. And even though Hank declines his offer to join him overseas…somewhere, Boris still wishes the best for his now-old friend. (And that’s just the beginning of the feel-inducing farewells, guys.)

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