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Katie Atkinson
November 01, 2013 AT 03:25 AM EDT

Knowing that Kerry Washington is about to be a first-time mom paints tonight’s episode of Scandal in a whole new light. The opening scene of Olivia contractually eating dinner with Rowan is no doubt inspiring the actress to espouse the exact opposite parenting philosophies of Liv’s dear old dad. You know: Don’t run any nefarious government agencies, don’t lock your kid’s love interest in a hole, don’t force your kid’s friends to kill people — the basics.

Rowan, for his part, thinks things are going swimmingly with his daughter, seeing as she got through a whole meal without hurling accusations at him. “I’ve learned that accusing you of things means nothing,” she says. “It leads to power games and moves and you making my friends kill people.” But he continues his quest for Father of the Year by taking full credit for his daughter’s success, disparaging her late mother, and threatening two of the most important men in her life: Jake and Huck. Bad-dad hat trick!

Speaking of the B613 refugees, Jake and Huck are taking advantage of Rowan’s night out by sneaking into his place and stealing his computer files. They almost get caught, but these guys are professionals (when they’re not getting put into holes), and the mission is a success.

Cyrus and Mellie have their own joint mission afoot: Luring in a new campaign manager for Fitz. (EW readers will recognize this juicy scene, featuring Private Practice alum Paul Adelstein, from earlier in the week.) Adelstein is Leo Bergen, and Mellie and Cyrus are desperate to work with him, but he’s not so convinced. After a dose of tough love (Leo says Fitz has a “his wife is a frigid shrew” problem; subtle), the campaign manager says he doesn’t work with losers. Burn!

Fitz is going to need all the help he can get, since his former campaign manager — and mistress — is sleeping with the enemy, so to speak. Lisa Kudrow’s Josephine Marcus has enlisted Liv’s help, and she’s not treating the congresswoman with kid gloves: “You feel like a high schooler visiting college for the weekend — I can change that.” Funny that Liv should mention high school… The real reason Josephine hires her is because she has a problem that needs fixing: She had a baby as a teenager. While Josephine thinks the story is under wraps, we know that Cyrus is already well aware of the youthful indiscretion.

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