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October 18, 2013 AT 04:28 AM EDT

The Scandal love triangle is back and in full effect. Now that Jake’s back in town — and playing house with Olivia — where does Fitz fit in? The episode even starts with Olivia crouched on the floor, keeping watch over a sleeping, bloodied Jake, just as Fitz calls. But is he upset about Jake living at his mistress’ house? If he is, he doesn’t let on.

Olivia, for her part, is more concerned with another man in her life (Huck), but he doesn’t have time for Olivia because he’s busy tracking down a different Pope (Eli/Rowan/Dad).

Our girl needs to get her mind off all these dudes, and over at Pope & Associates, there’s a new client in the building: Mary Nesbitt. She drops a fat check, but we don’t know what she needs… yet. The gang is also short a member. Liv lets them know Huck is taking a personal day. “We get personal days?” Abby marvels.

At the White House, Cyrus is lording over one seriously dysfunctional family. Fitz and Mellie argue over feeding Teddy, mostly because this is the first time they’ve ever bothered to feed their baby themselves. Cy informs the pair that they’ll be heading to Camp David with their older kids for a picture-perfect family vacation (picture-perfect, not actually perfect).] “You WILL make the magic happen!” Cyrus barks at the First Family.

We learn that the new client has cleaned out her bank account to pay Pope & Associates (someone has to keep the sauv blanc flowing and the Neiman’s credit line open), but why has she left herself without a dime to her name? Olivia heads out to investigate Mary’s “meeting on the Hill,” and viewers find simultaneous altercations: first, a White House tour-goer yelling about Operation Remington, and second, Mary with a bomb strapped around her waist. Olivia picks door No. 2 and becomes her client’s hostage, along with eight other people.

Mary’s real target is Congressman Jim Struthers, whom she begged by phone, letter, and carrier pigeon to look into how her son, Chris, died at the FBI’s hands. With her hand poised over the bomb’s trigger, she sneers to the senator: “You care now, don’t you?” We also learn that Mary came to Olivia because she read a profile that said the fixer always trusts her gut. What’s your gut telling you about that publicity now, Liv?

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