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Katie Atkinson
March 07, 2014 AT 04:15 AM EST

There’s trouble in paradise, Olitz fans. (Well, it’s never really been paradise, has it?) Turns out, the president isn’t a huge fan of his mistress’ “fake” boyfriend. Imagine that!

The latest episode kicks off with one barn-burner of an argument between Olivia and Fitz — if there’s one thing Shonda Rhimes is great at, it’s a combative conversation — but Liv is quick to correct the commander in chief when he insinuates that she started seeing Jake publicly for his sake. “This is not for you; this is for me,” she spits at Fitz, explaining that in order to keep her job (and her employees in their jobs), she can’t be known as that chick who slept with the president. “I cannot win a presidential election if I am your public whore.”

To put some icing on this very awkward cake, their noisy clash is within earshot of Jake, since the new B613 Command is standing guard outside. The love-triangle tension escalates — another of Shonda’s many skills.

But what is the president’s actual wife up to? Mellie is with Fitz’s new running mate, Andrew Nichols, the man who still holds a candle for the first lady. We flash back to Fitz’s California governor days and to the ugliness of last year’s “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” episode, when we learned that Fitz’s dad had raped Mellie and she had never told her husband. In the flashback, Fitz wonders why she won’t let him touch her anymore and why she can’t be in the same room as his dad. Andrew, meanwhile, overhears their whole conversation. (These parallel scenes between Fitz/Liv/Jake in the present day and Fitz/Mellie/Andrew in the past are worth noting.)

Now on to even more unhealthy relationships: Harrison is fully reunited with Adnan, but not long before their sexy rendezvous, he was frightened of her coming back to the States. As Harrison takes off for work, she pops open a briefcase filled with cash and says she needs something from her old flame. This is what he didn’t want back in his life. And over in David and Abby’s bed, she’s dropping the L-word — and he’s taking a phone call from James. Way harsh, Tai.

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