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Scandal recap: Mr. President, We Have a Mole

Olivia helps David Rosen with a bloody situation; Fitz deals with a hostage crisis


THE FACE OF REGRET Fitz tries to hook up with Olivia and gets one big slap in the face. But she gives in, only to find out that it was a one-time thing. Poor form, Mr. President.

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Season 2, Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 14

Oh my god, Fitz! What is happening!? Bourbon. Sex. Defiance. Anger. Moles. Scott Foley.

Set in the 24 hours surrounding the Christening of James and Cyrus’ adorable adopted child Ella, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” showed us where things stand. And 10 months after Fitz pulled the plug on a Supreme Court justice, nobody seems any happier or more secure.

But we’ll get to Fitz in a moment, because David Rosen wakes up with a butchered blonde woman next to him!! After lying to the police, he turns to Olivia for help. They pretty quickly determine that he was roofied, which is why he was unaware that his bedmate was being brutally murdered. Pope and Associates move the body (or, Wendy) back to her house. It turns out, Miss Wendy had been sleeping with men in order to get dirt and expose secrets – people pay her to do it – which explains the allure of David. (Not that David couldn’t land an attractive blonde; he’s just privy to a lot of secrets. Also, I’m just still rooting for him and Abby.)

But when Olivia explains the situation to David, he assumes that she set him up. That Olivia wanted to silence him in order to kill the election-rigging inquiry. In the 10 months that’s passed since the last episode, David had embarrassed himself in front of a Grand Jury when he lost his key source and, it turns out, his job. Since being disgraced, he’s been working at a high school, teaching civics (or history) to a group of unengaged students and his mother’s been paying his rent. He says it himself: He’s the “single most unlucky schmuck” out there. I hope he gets a win soon.

Meanwhile, Fitz is depressed and angry. He has Mellie delivering glasses of bourbon to him while he showers at 7 a.m. (Or is it scotch? He seems like a bourbon guy to me. It’s much more D.C.) When dealing with the hostage situation, he decides to send in a SEAL Team, and won’t listen to Cyrus’ objections. Cyrus is so bad and manipulative, but Jeff Perry does this thing where he can make him sympathetic in spite of all that. I feel for him when Fitz shuts him down! Mellie uses Fitz’s distrust of Cyrus to her advantage: She spins the narrative and convinces Fitz that Cyrus was the bulldog who orchestrated the whole election thing, and that she was just caught up in the wake. And when Fitz takes her hand, her happiness is palpable and desperate.

Emotionally, Olivia is still experiencing extreme pangs of regret over Defiance – the name the Justice Department gave to the election rigging agreement. It was the name of that town in Ohio. She’s having flashbacks of her time with Fitz. It’s clear she misses him desperately. And she’s scared that Fitz knows about Defiance (she’s right, of course). So, to try to forget, she works and swims and doesn’t sleep.

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