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Lindsey Bahr
May 10, 2013 AT 04:15 AM EDT

Finally an answer! Or, maybe not a full answer, but it’s a fact. A solid fact. That mole that we’ve been stressing about? Well finally we have a face and a name. And it’s someone we’ve met before.

For an episode that has been teased as the big reveal (which, don’t get me wrong, it was!), “Any Questions?” was certainly not very mole-centric, was it? With all the talk of re-election campaigns and relationships and Mellie’s strategy, the mole started to feel a little less urgent than everything else. But with the developments in the penultimate season 2 episode, you can see all the pieces lining up perfectly for an explosive finale.

So! Billy former Chief of Staff to the VP Chambers is the mole (or, one of them). The guy who had an affair with Amanda Tanner. The guy who killed Quinn’s reporter boyfriend. The guy who has had it out for Fitz since the campaign. The guy some of us probably thought was dead, because we haven’t seen him for at least 20 episodes, and the last time we saw him, he was stepping into an elevator with Charlie. And not only is Billy Chambers the mole — he’s in cahoots with David Rosen! Suddenly, it all starts to make sense. The two guys who had their lives ruined at the hands of the Grant administration are working together. It’s revenge, plain and simple.

Did you see that coming? I certainly did not — sure he was on my list, but so was baby Teddy. I also categorized him as a long shot. ‘Til now the threat of the mole has been diffuse. We knew Albatross had access to a lot of information. We knew that this person had sabotaged a hostage rescue and killed a woman, but the threat never felt terribly imminent. Still, that’s the terror of a having an unknown with a lot of classified information…anything could happen at any moment.

But, before we get too far into the why and the what, let’s talk about this episode because (as usual) there’s a lot here.

If you’ll recall, last week ended with Mellie announcing Fitz’s affair on live television while Fitz and Olivia…made up. This week, we pick up in the aftermath, which all falls on Cyrus’ shoulders. He gives press conference after press conference to appease the media’s ravenous appetite for more information. A Presidential affair? Things haven’t been so good since ’98. Unfortunately, the always eloquent Cyrus Beene has very little that he can actually say to the press, besides, basically “back off, it’s none of your business, and besides, this is all one big ‘alleged’ transgression anyway.” The stress of the separation had been wearing on Cyrus for a while now, and, frankly, he looks like he’s about to break. Of course he decides to take it out on James — the poor bastard who was assigned to the FLOTUS interview. Cyrus is clearly in the wrong when he chastises James for betraying him (dude, it was live TV, what was he supposed to do), but he gets just plain mean when he realizes that James thinks he got that interview because it was his big break. This is quite naive, even for sweet baby James, but Cy takes things too far. Sometimes it’s hard to see why these two were ever married in the first place.

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