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March 22, 2016 AT 03:00 AM EDT

You can only not love someone so long before you get yourself replaced. That’s where we’re at tonight on Scorpion when a handsome young man named Tim Armstrong (played by everyone’s favorite underdog quarterback, Scott Porter) steps into Team Scorpion as Cabe’s protégé (and with that, he shall only be called Shadow Cabe). We see a little bit of Shadow Cabe’s background as a soldier who was injured in battle, but if his backstory seems intense, then the warehouse is the total other side of the spectrum. Back at headquarters, Ralph has dared Toby to dance on a desk while Sly works with last week’s crazy lawyer, Haywood Morris (played by Horatio Sanz) to fight Sly’s case that he’s wrongfully being kept off his game shows. This crew is just…a lot.

The Backstory

Team Scorpion is not into Shadow Cabe. They’ve pre-stalked him and decided that he’s not worth their time. Walter isn’t terribly against Shadow Cabe until he starts a flirt campaign with Paige. In a super laid-back genius way, Toby and Walter are definitely not ready to have Armstrong on the team, but they don’t have much of an option because they’ve been commissioned to install an audio surveillance system in Djibouti. The feds want this system installed very quickly so they’ve come to Team Scorpion. But Toby isn’t ready to move forward with Shadow Cabe until he reveals the hole the team found in his career history. That’s when Shadow Cabe reveals that he was a SEAL at one point — remember that little flashback at the beginning? That was from where Shadow Cabe was shot in the back during a mission. Even with that big reveal, Toby and Walter stay suspicious.

The Mission

Once the team arrives in Africa, they install the system pretty quickly. But when they go to test the system, it appears that it works but almost too quickly. Walter notices little markers that lead him to believe that Shadow Cabe has been to this base before. Once Cabe and Shadow Cabe leave the base, Walter and the team dive into the Navy’s files to get more intel on Armstrong.

The Execution

Meanwhile Cabe and Shadow Cabe are out in the field doing a mission of their own. They sneak under a small shack — inside they find a box with a… bowl (??). It’s unclear exactly what the bowl is for, but Cabe and Shadow Cabe scan it and attempt to escape the shack. As they escape, Cabe and Armstrong are chased by two guys from the shack who shoot out Cabe’s gas tank. Shadow Cabe takes the bowl scanner and bails out the side of the Jeep before the two guys make it to the Jeep. Cabe tries to talk his way out of being on their property, but they knock him out.

Back at the base, Scorpion is snooping in on Shadow Cabe’s file — that’s when Armstrong walks in on them and explains the mission, the reason they’re in Africa, and Copley — the man who has Cabe. The team is able to wire tap Cabe’s location and hear that he’s being tortured. Copley illegally sells artifacts via a black market, which is just one of a number of illegal hobbies he has. The underlying mission here is to overthrow his entire system. That is why Cabe and Shadow Cabe scanned the bowl. They were getting its measurements and makeup to re-create it with the 3-D printer back at the the base. Once it’s re-created, the plan was to replace the real bowl with the fake, causing Copley’s operation to be discredited and dismantled, which leads to the returning of the bowl to its rightful place. To be honest, it’s one of the least important cases that Scorpion has taken with some of the highest stakes.

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