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March 09, 2015 AT 04:17 AM EDT

Secrets and Lies

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Last week’s intriguing premiere of Secrets and Lies certainly made the show’s title legit, didn’t it? By the end of the second hour we were already snared in the tangled web of secrets and lies that were beginning to emerge, not to mention all those that we could already anticipate. This week proved no different, and in the course of the hour racked up a whopping seven secrets and six lies—by my count at least. Let’s see where I got those numbers.

Starting things off on the “secret” side of the score sheet is teenage daughter Natalie, who wants to go to a party that somebody named Cooper is throwing. Since Natalie is 16 years old, Ben wisely refuses to allow her to go. Christy backs Ben up, and Natalie is incensed, telling them she’s “practically an adult.” Christy shoots her a private look and says, “You really want to have a conversation about being an adult?” before walking away without explanation. SECRET – 1.

When Ben wonders why Christy is leaving for work so dressed up, she tells him she’s going to a company Christmas party. When he wonders where she got the new, expensive earrings, she tells him they were a gift from a client. SECRET – 2; LIE – 1.

Ben, who has taken to entering and exiting his house through the backyard to avoid the media, dashes over to Jess’ house. After asking her how she’s holding up (nice guy) he wonders how Scott knew about Tom’s paternity. Jess says the only person she’s told is her sister, Nicole, who, come to think of it, hasn’t been answering her calls lately. Ben and Jess pay Nicole a visit only to discover her having hot sex with Scott. SECRET – 3; LIE – 2.

Apparently blowing the whistle on Scott’s whereabouts, and after watching him be cuffed and hauled away, Jess asks Detective Cornell if her ex-husband confessed to killing Tom. Cornell says no, but reassures her that they’ll find the killer. She then turns her steely gaze on Ben and makes yet another veiled reference to him being Tom’s real murderer. Get a new song, woman. This one’s getting old.

After waking up—again—on the couch, Ben interrupts a hushed conversation between Natalie and Christy. Christy explains it away by telling Ben it was about Cooper’s party, which she—again—told Natalie she was forbidden to attend. I smell another secret (and as a result, another lie), and even though they are probably redundant, I’ll go ahead and add to the tally. SECRET – 4; LIE – 3.

Later that night, resident mooch Dave is over helping Natalie hang Christmas lights in the living room. When their playful wrestling turns borderline inappropriate, Ben does exactly what you’d expect the father of a 16-year-old girl who is being grabbed around the waist by his best friend to do: He makes up an excuse to leave the room. Going out to his truck to “get a ladder,” Ben opens the back hatch and his flashlight rolls out. The flashlight. After a split second of surprised horror, Ben does exactly what you’d expect the suspect of a young boy’s murder by that exact flashlight to do: He hides it. SECRET – 5.

NEXT: A garage—and a shopping bag—full of secrets

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