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Sleepy Hollow recap: Just Me and My Golem

The fate of Ichabod's son is revealed; Moloch delivers a (terrifying) threat

Sleepy Hollow

ICHA-DAD The truth hurts, and Ichabod learns this the hard way this week as it is revealed that his sons had a troubled past and troubling end.

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Sleepy Hollow

Season 1, Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 09

There might be evil afoot in Sleepy Hollow but the lurking presence of demons was not enough to stop the holidays from arriving in this week’s episode. But the spirit was proving hard to find for Ichabod Crane, who at the start of the hour was still frustrated with the unanswered questions surrounding his son and once again took his frustrations out on trees.

To put it in his words (cue beautiful, soul-melting musical score): “My head is swimming with questions. What was he like? What did he know of me? How did he live? And why did Katrina not tell me she was with child?”

In hopes of finding some answers, Ichabod called upon Henry Parrish (John Noble), who he hoped would be able to move the “freaky mountains” (to borrow Abbie’s phrasing) of the universe and put him in contact with Katrina in the other realm. Henry was less than excited to do Ichabod this favor – “a mortal soul has no place in the realm of the dead,” he warned – but it became obvious that the absence of answers was worse than any fate that could befall Crane. At least, that’s what we could guess was Crane’s reasoning.

Abbie stuck around for the show, which kicked off with Henry choking Ichabod. You see, the closer to death he was, the easier it was to put him in contact with the other realm. (Next time, maybe try the buffet joint across the street from EW LA, guys. Legend has it that’s the closest to death you’ll ever get.)

Ichabod soon found himself reunited with Katrina, who explained that she was unaware of her pregnancy until after she’d saved his life, which turned out to be a good thing because soon after he’d been saved, her coven was out to punish her for doing so. Under the threat of serious harm and out of concern for her unborn child, Katrina fled to Frederick Manor, where Grace helped her deliver a son, named Jeremy. And not only that – Grace and her husband Joseph raised him, too.


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