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March 20, 2015 AT 05:13 PM EDT

All right, folks; now we’re cooking with gas.

Season 2A’s penultimate episode—focusing on an appropriately ridiculous treasure hunt bathed in appropriately epic Old Testament references—played like an old-fashioned Sleepy-style caper. There were delightful Ichabod/Abbie shenanigans (who else wanted 10 more minutes of the Witnesses playing Heads Up?); there was the return of Badass Gun-Toting Headless; there was an abundantly insane explanation for a real historical event (hey, didja know all those explorers actually came to the New World because they were searching for the Sword of Methuselah?); there were quaint flashbacks and sword fights and multiple utterances of the word “ouroboros”; there was even a real, live plot for Jenny and Irving. And there was, of course, an instance of Katrina screwing everything up. Maybe some things don’t change.

More importantly, “Magnum Opus” brought with it a true burst of forward momentum, ending on a note that all but begs future binge-watchers to commit to just one more episode. Unfortunately, plebeians who watch the show live will have to wait seven days and at least three turkey dinners to see how everything shakes out.

In the meantime, let’s stay focused. “Magnum Opus,” like many an hour of Sleepy, centers on Abbie and Ichabod obtaining an All-Important Magical Doohickie—in this case, the aforementioned sword, which absolutely sounds made-up but has an actual basis in Jewish theology. (Ichabod says Methuselah, son of Enoch, used a magic sword to kill 1,000 demons. Louis Ginzberg’s Legends of the Jews says it was more like 94 and also points out that the hero’s name has to do with his “wonderful sword”; some interpret “Methuselah” as translating to “man of the spear.” The more you know!)

The Witnesses figure out that the sword may be the only weapon that can actually kill Moloch, thanks to a coded message in Grace Dixon’s journal. A drawing in the journal—slyly hidden via mirror anamorphosis, which Crane clearly deciphers in about two seconds flat—serves as a literal treasure map, leading toward the all-important weapon’s location. The twist? The map looks just like Ben Franklin’s “Join or Die” cartoon; the snake’s tongue is the “x” marking the spot. The second twist? Ichabod and Abbie aren’t the only ones after the sword. They have to retrieve it before a worthy foe does: Nicolas Cage.

Kidding—although what would you pay to watch that mashup? Crane and Mills are, of course, competing against none other than Headless Abraham, who knows exactly what they’re after and where to find it—all because Katrina forgot to hang up her magical phone. More specifically: She gets in touch with Ichabod via magic mirror, unaware that she’s only able to do so because Henry’s hoping she’ll inadvertently help him spy on the Witnesses. His evil plan goes off without a hitch. Katrina is quickly becoming the Jerry Gergich of Sleepy Hollow.

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