Robert Sebree
Archana Ram
July 27, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”So You Think…”: Wardrobe dysfunction

The most captivating part of last night’s anticlimactic episode of So You Think You Can Dance didn’t have anything to do with the dancing. America had already chosen the winners and losers on Wednesday night, so the solos were more insignificant than usual. Instead, it was all about the costumes! After starting with an awkward apology from Mia Michaels for the inadvertently offensive jacket she wore Wednesday night — the military are serious about their stripes, people! — we were treated to a parade of bizarre fashion, from Jaimie’s burlesque/Halloween getup and Sabra’s metallic teal halter to Lauren’s caveman costume and Cat’s raggedy evening wear. Cat, head adornments don’t make a sloppy outfit better! Let’s not forget guest performer Mika’s color frenzy: blue stretch denim pants, a skin-tight blue and purple corset, and a teal-on-neon-green top. It was like a painful Magic Eye that I just couldn’t figure out. The only good thing to come out of Mika’s Vines-wannabe performance was that I finally know where that MTV 10 Spot promo music is from.

It certainly was a slow night if color combinations are what stick in my mind most. But of course, there was the little matter of who was sent packing. It was an unsurprising verdict, thanks to one awkward Viennese waltz and one amateur contemporary routine. If you couldn’t already guess it, Jaimie and Kameron got the heave-ho. Over the course of the competition Jaimie has been a more professional dancer than Lauren, but apparently America has a short memory, because their nimble dialing fingers only responded to how amazing Lauren was Wednesday night. True, she had one of the better female solos and proved she’s great with hip-hop, but Jaimie’s been more consistent. Need I bring up the jaw-dropping hummingbird routine she performed with Hok? Lauren should’ve been sent home, but I’m curious to see whether the momentum she built from her performances this week will carry her through to the end.

On the other hand, America, you did good on the male front. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a fan of Dominic’s personality — Cat should’ve stuck one of her roses in his mouth to shut him up — but he’s also a better performer than Kameron, as proved by his exciting break-dancing solo last night. Kameron was only ever safe from the bottom because he was partnered with super-popular Lacey — so even though we all hated the John Mayer-times-10, at least the solos sifted the independent dancers from the dependent ones. Maybe if they were being evaluated as couples still, Sabra could’ve saved him, but thankfully, we’re getting to the meat of this competition, and we want to see real stars (ahem, Sara). I give Kameron props for his Wade Robson solo and last night’s dance-for-your-life-but-not-really routine, because he did show some improvement. But he’s been a wallflower for too long and, as the kids say, you snooze, you lose. Love the faux-hawk, though.

And while we’re handing out props, I’ve got to give some to Mia for a beautiful opening routine. Even though it continued SYTYCD‘s contemporary lean, which many of you have picked up on, it was dark, elegant, and simply put, not weird, which says a lot for the goggle-loving choreographer.

Now that most of the remaining dancers are the cream of the crop, who’s next? Do you think the judges should have the deciding vote, or do you like that the show has gone all American Idol on us? Does anyone else think SYTYCD needs to put out a soundtrack? (My current fave: ”Hip Hip Chin Chin” from Lacey and Danny’s sultry samba routine.)

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