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June 12, 2014 AT 03:42 AM EDT

Hey dancers — or whatever we So You Think You Can Dance fans call ourselves? — your regular recapper, Jake Perlman, is out for the evening, so I will be auditioning for the role of temporary recapper. I will be doing a contemporary routine set to Matthew Mayfield’s “Fire Escape”, which essentially means I’ll be listening to that song on repeat while I write this recap. Let’s get into the auditions, shall we?

Welcome to day two of the Los Angeles auditions featuring the ridiculously charming Christina Applegate, who asked all of the dancers to give her show her a part of their soul. That shouldn’t be difficult, right?

Alla Kocherga, 24 and Serge Onik, 25: First up, we had a ballroom twerker — who sadly didn’t twerk in her audition — and Serge, whom most of you will recognize from season 10. Serge was cut just shy of last year’s top 20, and this year, he was back with his “more than friends” partner and ready to dance. Also, she agreed to be his girlfriend if they made it to the next round. Just sayin’.

Basically, I loved this routine. Their footwork was sharp and incredibly fast. They were perfectly synchronized. I instantly fell in love with him, and my love for her came quickly after. Plus, you know it’s a good sign if Nigel’s seen enough to start making inappropriate jokes to Mary about that time “you put your leg on my shoulder.” Oh, those two.

All in all, the routine was hot. It was sexy. And this boyfriend-girlfriend duo walked away with two tickets to wherever they’re going. Next stop: Hollywood

Timothy Joseph, 24: This was one b-boy who needed to take a chill pill. After kicking off his routine with an undisclosed (but very high) number of back flips, Joseph never slowed down enough for me to catch my breath. However, I will say that his suicides were the slowest part of the routine, and I thought they should’ve been quicker. Do I have my facts backwards or something?

Look, his tricks were impressive, but I found them to be a bit much. Don’t believe me? Just ask his leg, which he hurt after the routine when he attempted one last flip.

The judges agreed that he’d needed to take a moment but wanted to give him an opportunity for more. Next stop: Choreography (unless he listened to his psychologist paramedic)

Casey Askew, 19: I’m not going to lie: His hair was a major distraction for me. It was very tall and very floppy, and I wasn’t always able to focus on his movement. However, when I did notice his movement, it was amazing. As I wrote in my notes, his lines were clean, and I’m always a sucker for a Sam Smith song. But was it just me, or did you all think he needed more emotion in his face? All I’m saying is that hair and that face almost ruined it for me. Almost.

But in the end, Askew’s ability to follow through on every move got him a ticket. Next stop: Hollywood

[Important note: Christina Applegate’s signature move is now picking a wedgie. Also, how dare they claim a routine is the best performance of the day without showing it to us. Come on, SYTYCD! Give the people what they want!]

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