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Kate Ward
August 05, 2010 AT 08:07 AM EDT

Whoa. Things suddenly feel different in So You Think You Can Dance land. This whole season, I’ve plopped down every Wednesday night, fully prepared to knock the judges and show for allowing a weak link to maintain his presence on the show. But now, after last week’s satisfying results episode, we’ve been left with four stellar dancers. Yes, we lost Alex Freaking Wong several weeks back, an injury that still stings. And, yes, last night’s show came complete with enough filler to supply an entire Twinkie factory. But why should we complain? Honestly, last night’s show made clear that this season has become, well, pretty darn good. We’ve been left with a final four who all dance on a relatively even playing field, and all arguably deserve to win the whole shebang. Of course, only one of those four will nab the crown — and it’s pretty clear who he will be. I only hope Wapakoneta is preparing to fling confetti next week.

Because after last night’s final number, it’s hard to imagine anyone but Kent would take home the prize this year. Of course, it helps that he’s got the tween vote. And that he’s been given the pimp spot from week to week. (I’m surprised more people haven’t cried foul on this point.) But, most of all, he’s been blessed with some of the best choreography of the season, including Travis Wall’s touching backstabbing number — danced with all-star Neil — which will go down as one of the top numbers of the season. (But, sorry, Kent, Alex Freaking Wong and tWitch’s hip-hop still takes the cake.) And the duo have become quite the power pairing — their chemistry makes them appear nearly indistinguishable on stage, which is shocking, considering they differ quite a bit height, looks, and personality. But not in skill — those gorgeous pirouettes! That incredible lift! I got so invested in Travis Wall’s number, I started wondering how this whole man-in-black/man-in-white number fit in with the Lost mythology. (But I’ll just leave that to Doc Jensen.)

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