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So You Think You Can Dance season premiere recap: Expect The Unexpected

Season 10 kicks off in the City of Angels, complete with street dancing, ballroom champions, and one dislocated knee


THREESOME Host Cat Deeley reunites with judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy for season 10 of the hit dance competition.

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So You Think You Can Dance

Season 10, Ep. 1 | Aired May 14

So You Think You Can Dance is back for season 10, and it’s full of montages, inspirational stories, one foreign rapper, and more montages. But we should probably get right into things. Cat Deeley waits for no one!

After the hour’s first montage, which involves former contestants reliving the stress of first auditions, Mary and Nigel take the stage with our favorite quirky ginger of a guest judge, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Cat quickly reminds everyone how things work: Each dancer gets one audition. If the judges don’t like them, they go home. If the judges want to see more of them, they advance to the choreography round. And if the judges love them bunches and bunches, they get a ticket straight through to the next round in none other than Las Vegas. First up, a street performer…

A young street performer from Las Vegas, Fik-Shun is just looking for the opportunity to go home. And after popping his way through a mind-boggling performance, a ticket to Las Vegas isn’t the only thing he gets. Technically, the judges offer him three tickets to Vegas, along with a well-deserved standing ovation (which the rest of the crowd also jumps in on). We’ll see you back home, Fik-Shun! In the meantime, can you please come up with an easier way to spell your name?
Next stop: Vegas!

Next up, we keep going with the youngins!

With a heartbreaking story, a (very loud) supportive mother, and a face like a doll, Malece takes the stage for a contemporary routine. The judges love everything about her. Mary and Nigel agree that she is a cutie pa-tootie, and agree that though there is work to be done, there is so much “right” in Malece. And Jesse? Well, he just loves looking at her. “Is that weird?” he asks. Maybe just a little.
Next stop: Vegas!

Time for another montage of all the great dancers we don’t get to see. But at least we do get to see what happens next, when the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Armenia (it’s a real thing!) takes the stage.

The Armenian champ takes on a Latin ballroom routine that is more fun than anything. His feet are faster than his hips, and his hips are pretty darn fast. I love him. The judges love him. Nigel even says that he reminds him of Benji! It’s not surprising that the judges want to see more of this former champ.
Next stop: Vegas!

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