Samantha Highfill
May 22, 2013 AT 03:24 AM EDT

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is back — along with Nigel’s uncomfortable sexual jokes — and the crew is returning to the hottest city on the So You Think You Can Dance tour…. Welcome to L.A. Or, as I like to call it, the home of the amazing Eliana.

But despite Eliana’s influence, tonight is as much about bone-breaking as it is about ballet, and to kick off what has to be the most painful dance style out there, we have Slick!


Originally from Brooklyn, Slick’s style is a mix of bone-breaking, hat tricks, slides, and animation. His audition goal? To unleash the beast. And let’s just say that he succeeds considering that Mary is already freaking out just from seeing his starting pose. And from there, the loudest judge is all “Oh my goodness me” and “Lord have mercy.” After so much joint dislocation that I don’t think I can take anymore, bone-breaking newbie Jesse has only one thing to say: “Are you okay?” Slick’s good but, much like Mary, he could use a massage. Leaving the judges exhausted and sweaty, Slick gets three stamps of approval.

Next stop: Choreography


After being a foster child at the age of 4, Alex was raised by her aunt, whom she now considers both her mother and her dance teacher. Also, did she just say she won Miss Dance America? Why don’t I know what this is? Regardless, Alex delivers a very strong contemporary routine (with hints of jazz?) that has Mary screaming one word and one word only….

Next stop: VEGAS!


A member of the Orlando ballet, Sebastian has come to L.A. to make a statement. With a very bright pair of what look like board shorts — think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air — and an even brighter routine, Sebastian exudes energy as he proves to the judges that he is a “Puerto Rican jumping bean” as Jesse puts it. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s very handsome. So long as he promises to trash those shorts (spoiler: he does), Nigel hands Sebastian a not-so-golden golden ticket.

Next stop: Vegas!


Mariia and Misha want us to know that their relationship is strictly professional…. and it’s also strictly ballroom. The super sexy duo heats up the stage with a performance that has Mary woo-wooing Mariia right onto the Hot Tamale Train. Both Nigel and Jesse agree that although it’s a great pairing, Mariia seems to stand out a little bit more. Regardless, they’re both through.

Next stop: Vegas!

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