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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Back For More

The auditions move to Boston where familiar faces, brotherly love, and lots of ballroom dancers take over


TURNED ON Judge Adam Shankman borrows a lampshade from a dancer in order to perform a quick routine of his own. Spoiler: He gets through to Vegas!


So You Think You Can Dance

Season 10, Ep. 4 | Aired May 28

Welcome to Boston, dance fans! Tonight, we’re in the very state that brought us season 6 winner Russell. Sadly, however, we don’t see much crumping in tonight’s episode. Instead, how would you like to watch a lot of ballroom routines and cry at least twice? Sound good? Then let’s get down to the B-Town auditions, judged by Nigel, Mary, and SYTYCD favorite Adam Shankman!

After a year and three weeks dancing together – and a brief romantic relationship – this best friend duo takes the stage, where Ashley does most (if not all) of the talking. However, that doesn’t stop the Dancing With The Stars: Ballroom Battle champion from claiming his recognition. And when the routine starts, there’s no talking needed. Nigel thinks they’re tremendous as partners, and Mary agrees that they are brilliant (as is their chemistry). Adam, however, points out that Phillip is clearly still turned on by Ashley since he caught him looking at her butt a few times. It’s nice and awkward, but the kids laugh it off. All in all, their chemistry is too good to pass up.
Next stop: Vegas!

A jazz dancer who’s looking to stand out, Natalie takes the stage with a prop: a leopard-print lampshade. Tip: If you’re going to wear a lampshade during your audition, you better be the best dancer of the day. Spoiler: Natalie is not. However, she does get Adam up on stage to give the lampshade thing a try.
Next stop: Buying a lamp?

A few kicks and a shimmy or two later, and Adam captivates the entire audience in his lampshade.
Next stop: Vegas… which leads to Adam straddling Nigel in his chair. This is what sheer perfection looks like if any of you were wondering.

Looking to bring something new to the show, John shows up without music but instead with a beatboxer he met on the subway. Once the (incredible) beatboxer starts, John brings his animalistic style – complete with a tail – to the stage for a great piece of performance art. All the judges take a moment to compliment the amazing beatboxer before they tell John that they loved seeing something new and creative like this. Adam thinks he’s a born entertainer, and they all want to see what else he can do.
Next stop: Choreography

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