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July 15, 2011 AT 05:39 AM EDT

Cat Deeley was officially less orange tonight. Perhaps it’s that post-Emmy nomination lack-of-glow. The show began with a group flamenco number in which, as far as I can tell, the primary mandate for the girls was, “Open your mouths sporadically.” And the primary mandate for the guys was, “Do as many tricks as possible.”  After the opening number, Cat acknowledged Jesse Tyler Ferguson for his nod, and he acknowledged her likewise. Cat tried to share the love with the show’s many choreographic  nominations (five out of the six total), but Nigel made a point of emphasizing Cat’s (long-awaited) nomination for hosting. If I’m not mistaken, her eyes welled up a bit…as did mine. Love. Cat. Deeley.

But let’s get to important news, shall we? All-Stars were announced! Not unlike this season, it’s a contemporary-heavy roster, including fan favorites Melody (season 1); Allison (season 2); Pasha (season 3); Chelsie (season 4); Comfort (season 4); tWitch (season 4); Brandon (season 5); Kathryn (season 6); and Robert (season 7). Since Alex Wong tore his Achilles’ tendon in an audition, there is still a position open for a tenth All-Star. Voice your opinions now or forever hold your peace.

For the good news: Clarice, Jess, and Clarice’s lace short-itard continued to the tour, in no small part due to the fact that Jess (a) really appeals to young girls and old ladies and (b) has consistently “drawn” dances in his comfort zone. Front-runners Melanie and Marko carried on slaying the competition and were never in any doubt in the first place, so moving on… And Jordan no longer would have the chance this week to scar our collective hippocampus with her dubious dance-for-your-life fashion choices because she and Tadd were safe.

Unfortunately, Caitlynn and Mitchell, Ryan and Ricky, and Sasha and Alexander were in the B3. Maybe it’s not a theater curse so much as a Tyce curse? Food for thought… Oh wait, this is professional dancing. No food!

Caitlynn was first to solo, dancing to Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.” While it was more interesting than the video (what isn’t?), it was still what Nigel dismissed last night as a bunch of moves set to music. Her partner Mitchell followed, and damn if he didn’t wear the bejesus out of that onesie. Also? This was the best solo we’ve seen all season. Clearly he’s bounced back from that injury, and good on him. Ryan followed in the Gaga trend, at least in terms of outfit choice. The dance, however, was a hot mess. She actually did a variation on The Wave at one point. Not. Okay. And she wore Sandy’s pants from “You’re the One That I Want” in Grease, so there’s that.

NEXT: Ricky inadvertently compares himself to Blake McGrath, and Sasha’s all, “Bobby McFerrin: Never. Forget.”

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