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October 30, 2013 AT 05:03 AM EDT

In a poll in the recap of the previous episode, only 29 percent of readers were firmly Team Tara. Thirty-nine percent were angry with her for faking the pregnancy and miscarriage and blaming it on Gemma. Thirty-two percent were too torn to pick a side. All they could do was wonder how Tara and Jax could stay/end up together now. The calm conversation at the end of this episode told us neither Tara nor Jax know the answer to that question either. But that soft, honest, believe-me-babe voice Charlie Hunnam used made you root for them again. Which in turn made you sad again. Here we go.

We opened with Jax holding Thomas’ sweet little baby foot as he waited for the tea kettle to boil. He brought Tara a cup in bed and told her that he was going to take the boys to daycare, check in with the club, and then he’d be back. Oh, and he doesn’t care who bails Gemma out of jail. Admit it: There was a tiny part of you that expected to see Tara smiling after hearing that. But she didn’t. There’s no winner in this situation.

“Black, lots of sugar… the coffee,” Eli joked to Gemma when he brought her a cup in the holding cell. She hadn’t told anyone her side of the story because who would believe the “dirty biker whore with a record” over the “good doctor”? But Eli seemed genuinely open and curious, so she told him exactly what had gone down. But why would Tara hurt her baby to keep Gemma away from the boys? Gemma told him she doesn’t think Tara was even pregnant. Smart as ever.

After we saw a guilty, teary-eyed Wendy buy some drugs, we caught back up with Jax at the new clubhouse. The candy jars are still overflowing at Charming Scoops & Sweets, but the mood was somber. Jax thought Bobby, Chibs, and Tig were worried about the situation between Tara and Gemma, but nope, check the top headline in the San Joaquin Tribune, Jax: “Local Gangs Tied to Count of Aquino Shooting: Byzlats, Sons of Anarchy May Have Supplied Gun to Shooter’s Mother.” The DA showed the paper to Nero and explained that to satisfy public outrage, she’ll have to have a heavy police presence in Byzlat territory. Perhaps they’ll pick up a Byzlat on some petty infraction and he’ll turn on SAMCRO to save himself. Then the DA won’t need Nero at all. She told him he has six hours to take the deal.

Tara was miraculously up and out of bed, reading the paper, when Unser showed up to chat with her. He’d pieced together that she’d asked for the restraining order request BEFORE anything had happened. He couldn’t imagine she’d do anything to harm her baby. “Oh, I wouldn’t,” she said, all but confirming to him she’d faked the pregnancy. She told Unser it was the only way to give herself the legal means to separate the kids from Gemma and the club, and he told her that Gemma could get manslaughter. Tara won’t be pressing charges, but Unser had to make sure the County wasn’t. Knowing how much Unser cares for Gemma, Tara was worried he’d tell her the truth. He won’t. But he also won’t help Tara anymore. “I’m not upset about Gemma, doc. I’m upset about you. It breaks my heart that you had to become something so wrong to do what you thought was right.” When Unser did see Eli, Eli told him Gemma’s suspicions. Unser encouraged Eli to make his own call on charges but said he’d cut Gemma free and let the family handle it.

Side note: Does anyone else remember in season 1, when ATF Agent Kohn was attacking Tara, that Kohn revealed she’d had an abortion? Completely different circumstances and times in her life, of course, but for the record, I don’t think it’s impossible to imagine a scenario in which Tara would’ve chosen not to bring another child into the world when she’s fearing the boys will be trapped with someone who’s dangerous and she’s facing jail time. Though her faking this pregnancy and miscarriage also raises the tiniest possibility that she faked that pregnancy and abortion hoping Kohn would be so angry that he’d leave her alone, right? (I’m reaching? I retract the question.)

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