Christian Blauvelt
February 11, 2012 AT 09:42 PM EST

The fourth and final episode of writer Brent Friedman’s epic “Obi-Wan Undercover!” storyline was called “Crisis on Naboo.” It’s a title that certainly fits. Naboo has been exposed multiple times now as the most dangerous planet in the Galaxy—for both the events that have taken place there, and the übervillains who are its native sons, Palpatine and Jar Jar Binks. But considering that this was such a thrilling procedural-style approach to a kidnapping attempt, I myself might have gone with a title paying tribute to that all time great movie about an elaborate assassination plot, Fred Zinnemann’s Day of the Jackal. Maybe Day of the Duros. Or better yet, Day of the Parwan, since the newcomer Derrown really kind of ended up stealing the show.

When all is said and done, I have to say that this four-episode yarn was my favorite arc of the season, rivaled only by the Umbaran storyline in the fall. What’s particularly satisfying is how different both arcs really are. Where the action on Umbara centered on a cast of relatively obscure characters, this storyline remained tightly focused on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Cad Bane. While the Umbara episodes took place on only one planet, these took place on five, by my reckoning. And while Umbara introduced a daring new aesthetic to the Star Wars canon, one based on phosphorescent dark-lighting (no relation to Biggs or Gavin) and chiaroscuro, the Obi-Wan eps relied on the “Used Future” aesthetic that made us fall in love that Galaxy Far, Far Away in the first place.

“Crisis on Naboo” opened with Yoda a very worried Grand Master. “With complacency comes vulnerability,” he said. “It is what we do not see that concerns me.” True, like the fact that your very leader, whose potential kidnapping is causing you such stress, is plotting your eradication. But no matter.

The Lady Luck arrived on Naboo, and our bounty hunters went about taking over a Theed hangar to use as a staging area: Derrown attacked one mechanic with his tentacles, Embo fought with his hat, and Bane fired one clean, point-blank blaster bolt right through a guard. They were in. And Dooku, bold as a Hutt sprawled out in the Tatooine sun, decided to join them in person!

NEXT: Even the best laid plans of Sith Lords and bounty hunters can go awry. Plus, a tribute to my favorite new Star Wars alien, the Beaker-like Derrown.

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