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April 12, 2016 AT 03:17 AM EDT

“We’re way past villains of the week and kittens stuck in trees,” Maxwell Lord says to Supergirl at one point in tonight’s episode. That line also works as one of the many thesis statement of “Myriad.” From the episode’s first 10 minutes, which are tense and efficiently establish the stakes of the episode, you know Supergirl is done messing around and is ready to get down to business.

In case your forgot, the last episode — the magnificent SupergirlThe Flash crossover — ended with the activation of Myriad. Now, everyone in National City has fallen under Non’s control, the army has quarantined National City Arrow season 2 finale-style, and the only ones left to save the day are Supergirl, Maxwell Lord, and Cat Grant. Yep, the personification of hope is teaming up with two characters who represent different aspects of humanity to stop Non. And, nope, Superman can’t help them because he’s fallen under the spell of Myriad since he’s been on Earth too long. 

After stopping Lucy and several other DEO agents from releasing all of the alien prisoners — except for the White Martian, he’s too much for even Non — Kara flies to CatCo and finds her co-workers and friends, including Winn and James, furiously typing on Kryptonese-filled screens. The direction does a great job of making the scene feel very creepy. Eventually, Cat Grant walks in, unaffected by Myriad and completely oblivious to the fact that something’s up in the city.

Well, it turns out Cat isn’t immune to Myriad’s effects because of her natural fierceness. Maxwell Lord, who figured out that the Kryptonians were using his satellites to send neural signals directly into the minds of National City’s populace, created a device to block the signals. He made one for himself and embedded one in a pair of earrings he sent Cat that she happens to be wearing. Max doesn’t show up at CatCo empty handed, and he has a plan to save the day: Kill all of the Kryptonians.

Naturally, Cat and Kara object to this plan even without hearing the details, but their debate is interrupted by Non, who shows up to gloat. He explains that part of Myriad also involves using the combined brainpower of everyone on Earth to solve global warming, something Max finds just a tiny bit intriguing. To hurt Kara, he makes James, Winn, and some no-name co-worker we just met jump off different parts of the balcony, forcing Kara to try to save all three at the same time. Unfortunately, she’s only able to save Winn and James, and the other co-worker dies.

Seeing no other option, Kara reluctantly agrees to go along with Max’s plan, which involves detonating a bomb filled with Kryptonite dust that’ll kill every Kryptonian in the city plus 8 percent of National City’s human population. The bomb would also make National City uninhabitable for Kryptonians for 50 years.

Meanwhile, Alex and Hank, who are still on the run, make their way to Alex’s childhood home. At first, Eliza Danvers (Helen Slater) is shocked to see Alex with Hank since she still thinks he killed Jeremiah, but Alex quickly recaps everything she’s learned since we last saw Mama Danvers. Once that’s all cleared up, Dr. Danvers turns into a giddy scientist and bombards Hank with questions about his shape-shifting powers, which provide this heavy hour with some much needed levity.

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