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March 31, 2015 AT 02:45 PM EDT

Supernatural is the king of tackling less-than-normal stories, and we’re not just talking about supernatural things in the larger sense—ghosts, demons, angels, and whatnot. We’re talking specifics: Not only can Supernatural tackle ghosts, but it can tackle ghosts… that travel and kill using WiFi? Oh yeah, it just happened. You gotta love when Supernatural uses its “less-then-normal stories” to cover current issues, and this week, the show was all about young people and their obsession with Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, selfies, and pretty much anything that you can access from a smart phone.

We start on a young couple using a smartphone app as a GPS. But when said GPS takes them down the wrong road, tells the girl to get out of the truck, and then drives the boy off a bridge, it becomes apparent that maybe that app should’ve gotten like one star instead of five in the iStore. Although, it did get points for its: “Destination: dead ahead.” Touché, app.

Back at the bunker, Dean is eating something called a croisookie?? Apparently, the half-croissant, half-cookie combination is “the new cronut.” But seriously, not to play into what the show’s spending the hour making fun of, but do those exist? And if they don’t, can someone please make them exist?

According to Sam, Cas is closing in on Cain—while also discovering gambling—but Dean is less worried about the Mark and more concerned with a case he found. And when the case takes the brothers to the Midwest, Dean gets a taste of what life’s like being surrounded by women on a college campus. Yeah, he loves it. (And to think, just a few weeks ago he was eating kale and not hitting on twentysomethings. Thank goodness that’s over.)

At the college, Sam and Dean talk to the girlfriend of the deceased, a boy named Billy. She informs them that Billy never really got along with his brother. And when his brother died in the war, Billy continued to drive his truck to honor him—apparently it’s a thing that Dean knows about, which makes him supremely happy when he can tell Sam to “Google it.”

With that, the brothers head off to find the truck, salt it, and burn it, just like the good old days. And just for the record, yes, Dean would kill Sam if he died first only to find out that Sam had littered Baby with taquitos. Who’s surprised?

While the truck goes up in flames, we cut to a nearby sorority house, where an “InstaChat” goes horribly wrong. A sorority girl is #confused when PrincessElsa8 types “810,” followed by “you’ll pay” into their chat. And pay she does, just moments later when she’s strangled by a computer cord. As Dean points out, this is clearly a #vengefulspiritmuch situation.

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