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Samantha Highfill
December 10, 2015 AT 04:30 AM EST

Well, that was intense. I can’t say that I ever imagined an episode where I would not only get Lucifer back, but I’d also get an equally captivating, even more powerful villain in addition to him. But that’s precisely what we got in this revealing hour, in which Sam faced the man he went to Hell to destroy all those years ago and Dean faced…his soulmate? We’ll get to that. 

We start with Amara showcasing her powers for a group of God’s most loyal followers. She figures that striking his chosen ones down with lightning will get his attention. She’s wrong. But, she’s no quitter, so she then makes her way to a church. However, after the priest informs her that she can’t just make an appointment to meet with God, she realizes that none of these people have actually seen God. (The willingness of people to believe what they can’t see amazes her.) So instead of setting up a lunch date with her long-lost brother, she kills everyone in the church by eating their souls. Still, no response from God.

Back at the bunker, Sam insists that God is sending him visions and that they’re telling him to go to the cage and talk to Lucifer. Realizing that there’s no stopping Sam — and also that it’s their only lead — Dean takes Sam to meet with Crowley to see if it’s even possible to open the cage. 

At that meeting, Crowley gets a quick lesson in Darkness 101 — she’s God’s sister, blah, blah — before the Winchesters ask if it’s possible for Sam to meet Lucifer in some sort of safe setting. The answer? It is possible. But considering that God sealed the cage himself, they’re going to need the Book of the Damned…and a witch who can read it.

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Just like that, Rowena finds herself getting caught up on the goings-on of the world, and Crowley promises to call off his assassins if she agrees to open the cage and protect Sam once it’s open. But as it turns out, all they needed to do was mention Lucifer’s name, because as soon as she hears the first syllable, Rowena turns into a teenage girl at a One Direction concert. Looks like Lucy has an admirer.

Dean leaves Sam with Rowena so that he can go investigate Amara’s latest work at that church, but when he finds himself in the presence of the Darkness, he ignores Sam’s call. And that means, the Winchester brothers are alone on their ventures this week. Sam with Lucifer and Dean with Amara.

Before we get to those, I have to give a quick shout-out to this interaction: 

Sam: “I promised Dean I’d call.” 

Rowena: “I promised Lincoln a fun night at the theater. Things change.”

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