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October 08, 2015 AT 03:23 AM EDT

Welcome back, everyone! Yes, I’m welcoming you back to a world that’s covered in literal darkness and where Sam has once again found a way to put his life in danger — but still, feels kind of good, right? Overall, this hour reminded me a lot of the apocalypse days, or even the Croatoan virus — the deserted town, the infected individuals, the general sense of death and destruction. So let’s break down what happened this week, or as I like to call it: The Winchester Boys and the Case of the Mysterious Darkness.

Picking up right where season 10 left off, the first scene is made up of different perspectives on what went down when the Darkness hit. First, we find Dean in the middle of the Darkness, where he sees a woman. Then we cut to Sam, waking up in the car alone. Sam then remembers the Darkness hitting and Dean being sucked out of the car. Only, Dean remembers the woman coming to get him. I know, very confusing.

By the time Sam finds Dean — whose first question is naturally “Where is the car?” — Dean remembers something else: “She saved me,” he says. Apparently that woman IS the Darkness — we were right! — and she thanked Dean for setting her free.

What else do we know about her? Well, she’s weird and evil and she might not even know what a cheeseburger is. (Also, she’s rocking some deadly cleavage.)

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From here, we find Cas alone in some shed. Still red-eyed from Rowena’s spell, he remembers attacking Crowley and stabbing him with the angel blade. Only, by the time Cas stabbed him, Crowley (and his red smoky self) had left his vessel behind. Now, he’s found a temporary home inside the body of a woman who has convinced her husband to try having an orgy with their couple friends. #YOLO

Back on the road, Sam and Dean quickly come across their first glimpse at what the Darkness tornado unleashed. They find a road crew, or at least what’s left of them. The members are all dead, and their necks are covered in black veins. It’s there that they find a lone deputy survivor who asks to see only their necks. (She has some serious self control.)

When she realizes they’re not “rabid,” she lets them take her to a (now-abandoned) hospital, where Sam finds a father hiding in a janitor closet with his newborn baby. Fun fact: The rabids don’t have a long shelf life. If you don’t kill them, they’ll eventually die on their own.

Brief pause for another flashback to Dean standing inside the Darkness (while also talking to the Darkness): The Darkness informs Dean that she hasn’t felt this peaceful in a long time. But Dean doesn’t offer her comfort. He tells her of Death’s story about her, and she’s surprised anyone remembers her. But she makes one thing clear: Dean doesn’t know her. (We get it, you’re mysterious.)

Back at the hospital, it isn’t long before the baby’s father starts getting veins on his neck. Apparently he’d been attacked by a rabid about three or four hours earlier. Sam and Dean agree to let him walk away, so the father hands his baby to the deputy — Congrats! The world is going to hell, and you get a new baby! — and leaves the hospital, accepting his impending death.

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