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He did nothing for close to 39 days, but just when it looked like he was going to go down as another forgettable Survivor contestant who made it far but not quite far enough, he showed us just what he was made of. He made us all stand up and take notice with a dramatic display that had to be seen to be believed. I’m speaking, of course, of Dan. Where did all that hate and bile come from? He may have been one of the lamest contestants ever to make the last episode, but Dan finally showed a spark in defeat, turning from useless old man to grumpy old man. After getting voted off, he blasted everyone to kingdom come, and then he viciously went after Sash and Chase again at the final Tribal Council. Welcome to the show, Dan! You’re just in time to congratulate 21-year-old Fabio on becoming the youngest winner in the history of Survivor!

Fabio had to win three straight immunity competitions to get to the end, and that is exactly what he did. There is something to be said for someone who comes up that big that many times with their back up against the wall. Combine that with his absurd likability and he was a slam dunk to take home the million dollars. In fact, the most shocking thing about this entire season may have been that Chase somehow managed to make the outcome so close with four votes. Sash, a pure gamer who lacked the warmth to make any personal connections, was shut out with a goose egg.

For me, the end result was satisfying enough, but where will Survivor: Nicaragua land in my updated Survivor season rankings. The answer may shock (and upset) you. But before we get to that, let’s run through the finale.

We started with our final five on day 37. In a familiar scene, Fabio was scrambling to try to make and break alliances. In an even more familiar scene — in what has turned into a reverse jinx of sorts — someone (in this case, Chase) was busy telling us that if Fabio didn’t win immunity, he’d be going home. So that’s exactly what he did — winning, I mean. In a challenge that forced the contestants to correctly answer Nicaraguan trivia questions and then use puzzle pieces to form the Survivor: Nicaragua logo. And after Fabio came from behind to solve the puzzle the fastest (on the heels of him winning last week’s memory challenge) I will never make fun of Fabio’s intelligence again. At least not until the reunion show because I have NO IDEA what he was talking about there.

If anyone’s intelligence is going to be questioned, it should be Dan, who later had to ask, “How many votes do we need” to vote someone out? Three, Dan. Three is the magic number, just like De La Soul said. Once again, Fabio tried to convince Sash and Chase to vote out Holly. The big questions heading into the first Tribal Council was whether they’d do it, and what kind of volumizing  shampoo Jane got her hands on at the jury house, because her hair looked simply fabulous!

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