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June 30, 2015 AT 03:18 AM EDT

Heading into a new season, there’s one question every Teen Wolf fan is looking to answer: Who is the new Big Bad?

Is it going to be more of a season 1 “Peter is bad” straight-forward mythology, or are we looking at something more complicated, like the season 3 “Void Stiles” business? From the season 5 opener, it looks like it’s a combination of the two.

This premiere came out swinging in what might be the show’s most ambitious hour to date. And as over-packed as it might have felt at times, you have to respect it for jump-starting the season. Seriously, if this season were Stiles’ Jeep, this opener would be the lightning bolt that got it running again. Too far? Well, I tried.

We start things off like we’re in the middle of a Hitchcock film. Outside Eichen House, a single raven—crow? raven? I’m going raven—sits on the gate as a storm looms overhead. Inside, Lydia stands under a very, very—possibly dangerously—steamy shower head. A nearby nurse claims she’s not buying the “catatonic act,” but when she turns Lydia’s head, it’s very obvious that there’s nothing going on behind her eyes.

Down the hallway in her room—in the supernatural wing of Eichen, I assume—Lydia is then left alone with a nurse who, in what might be the most disturbing scene this show has ever done, promises to be “gentle” before putting a needle in Lydia’s arm, pulling it out, and inserting it again. It’s highly sexual and highly upsetting. Either this guy is just a pervert, or he’s a vampire, because he appears to love the idea of getting a better vein. 

Just before he can jam the needle into Lydia’s neck, she sits up and does what she does best: screams bloody murder. We knew she could do that, but what she does next is the real surprise. Out in the hallway, she takes down two more nurses—one with some Black Widow-style fighting movies, and the other by using what I’m guessing are sonic waves from her scream to blow him backward?

Just as she’s about to escape from Eichen, Aiden shows up! The bad news is that he’s not there to help her, but instead tells her that her “treatment’s not done.” So as security guards shock her, she falls to her knees and says, “My friends, they’re all going to die.”

And with that, welcome back to Teen Wolf, everybody! Isn’t being a teenager grand?!

Jumping back in time to the start of senior year, we find Scott and Stiles hanging out on the Jeep on a full moon. Stiles is searching for apartments. Ever the planner, he has a vision that involves everyone going to nearby colleges, and Scott and Stiles living together … with the Jeep in the driveway. But for now, Scott’s hung up on the more recent future, and more specifically, Deaton’s lesson about the regression to the mean. For the last few months, things have been good, but not great. They’ve been pretty middle-of-the-road, and that means the scale is going to tip at some point. In other words, things are either going to get really good or really bad. (And based on that timely lightning strike, I think you can guess which way it’s going.)

Once the camera pans out, we find that Liam has been there all along, chained to a nearby tree. Apparently, during the last full moon, the sheriff’s department got more than a dozen calls about a “monstrous dog boy” running around naked. (Hey, it was a hot night.)

But Liam assures Scott that he’s in complete control, so they unchain him … though his bloody palms suggest that maybe the shouldn’t have.

At the police station, we find the always-adorable Parrish on phone duty, and he’s not happy about it. After all, that jawline was meant for so much more! With that in mind, Parrish asks Stilinski to give him a real job to do. His first task? A noise complaint. (Okay, still not good enough for that jaw, but whatever.)

Although, to be completely fair to Stilinski, I’m not sure Parrish is a good enough deputy to handle even a noise complaint. Don’t get me wrong, I love him dearly, but did he really just drive up to a noise complaint at an abandoned house and not think anything was weird? And then when it sounded like Bigfoot was behind the wall, his first thought was that the giant behind the wall needed help getting out? Come on, Parrish. Surely the Beastiary taught you better than that.

But alas, it didn’t. And Parrish quickly learns his lesson when he hits the wall, only to discover a black ooze coming out of it. Half a second later, he’s being choked out by some sort of terminator? Nope, that’s a creature. Nope, it’s a wolf. What is that?!

NEXT: Yes, there’s a new bad guy, but are these high schoolers really allowed to stay out until 2 in the morning?!

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