James Hibberd
October 04, 2011 AT 01:33 AM EDT

The second episode of Pretty Prehistoric People sidelined the show’s budding mythology questions — What’s going on with the Sixers? What’s the deal with Taylor’s son? What are those gold markings? — and instead focused on two very straightforward stories: 1) A man tries to have sex with his easily distracted wife, and, 2) Bird attacks!

We start with a rover breaking down on a jungle road in a rainstorm. It’s surprising that anybody is allowed to go outside the compound at night, especially during a storm (and I continue to be surprised there are so many roads in a prehistoric jungle). The rover door opens and for a moment you half expect to see Wayne Knight smuggling his can full of Velociraptor embryos, but that’s the wrong Spielberg dino project.

Wait: There’s something above them, in the trees. Ahh! The red shirts the men are attacked.

Next morning at Terra Nova compound, the kids get survival training. They learn which way is North, that worms are food and that fire scares animals. Maddy gets an answer right and she’s given a verbal “gold star,” which just isn’t the same thing as a real sticker. Teens Josh and Skye then wander around the farmer’s market wearing what looks like the contamination suits from Breaking Bad around their waists (adding a meth lab to the Terra Nova camp would definitely spice things up).

Meanwhile, little Zoe continues her suicidal tendency to attract danger, asking dad if she can keep a freaky Venus flytrap -style biting plant in her room. Amazingly, he says yes. Perhaps Jim’s judgement is off because he’s focused on trying to get his wife Elizabeth into bed. He was in prison for two years, after all and, hey, there’s no Population Control at camp Terra Nova, so they can just have at it.

Terra Nova fans get Jason O’Mara shirtless for the second time and it looks like the makeup team went a little overboard with the spray-on abs. The man appears to have, like, a 12 pack, which I’m not certain is biologically possible. But sadly his romance with Elisabeth is interrupted by a creature screeching outside. She insists he somehow make the wildlife quiet. C’mon, they’re not staying at the Maui Sheraton. They’re living in some wild prehistoric militant-hippy jungle commune. They were kept apart for years. Is she really going to let one bird derail this moment?

Jim shoos away the bird, comes back and his wife is now with Zoe, who has managed to block his action. “She needed a cuddle,” Elizabeth explains. I wanted Jim to snap: “Well Daddy needs more than a cuddle!” But Jim is a nice guy and shrugs it off — or perhaps secretly hopes the man-eating plant will take care of this.

NEXT: Jim denied again; Farmer’s market bird attack!

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