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The Amazing Race recap: Drag Race

Indonesia, Leg 10: Teams eat snakes, hard-boil eggs in a volcano, and put Javanese bridal makeup on each other

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The Amazing Race

Season 23, Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 01

Okay, so this wasn’t the best plot-advancing episode of all time. But six of our eight remaining Racers are ready to be given away as Javanese brides, and we learned how much Travis looks like Dennis Rodman when he wears terribly applied makeup. So it’s not a complete wash! However, Travis should completely wash his face. Right now.

Leo and Jamal are proud of themselves – for the first time in Amazing Race history, a team has been U-Turned twice and still survived. Plus, they woke up on time for the start of the 10th leg! It’s a banner day for the Afghanimals, who depart first for King Cobra House at 7:25 a.m.

The RoboDocs clue us in on the basis of their creepy/stoic/he-is-her-overlord dynamic: “The nature of our relationship, the way it started, was I was a medical student and he was my supervising physician,” bots Nicole. “So Travis definitely does talk to me as though I’m a student. Or a child.” Blank, robotic stare from Travis: He corroborates! Ick. Can someone start eating a snake already? Travis and Nicole are grossing me out.

Horrifying food challenge! Everyone must eat grilled cobra, an exotic dish that Indonesians savor for its healing benefits, i.e. getting Marie to stop yelling for three seconds. I’m actually disappointed with this challenge – they only had to eat a chunk of the snake’s body. Whatever! That’s just straight-up protein. Survivor contestants would mainline that sh*t. Save for a few minor complaints about scales in their teeth, no one had a real problem with the cobras. And that includes incredibly picky eater Marie, who barely ingests anything. “Marie eats lettuce,” Nicole informs us.

“Some kind of meat would be my worst fear,” says Marie. But when she and Tim finally find the North entrance to the camp after about an hour of wandering around near the South, she swallows that cobra like a champ. This pink-haired devil-monster is really growing on me, and just in time.

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