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October 22, 2012 AT 07:39 AM EDT

The Amazing Race

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Tonight’s exhausting, entertaining episode was, among other things, a reminder that some things never change: The truckers still can’t follow directions, Jaymes is still talking over James, Gary is still berating Will, Ryan is still doing that alarming happy-growl when he completes challenges and Lexi is still talking about her mute boyfriend’s muscles. But some things do change. For instance, Abbie finally showed a glimmer of personality tonight, Long Hair Do Care finally got a chance to bask in first-place glory, and, most importantly, challenges finally seem to be getting harder.

It’s leg four!

From the starting point at the girls’ school in Bangil, Indonesia, the revved up teams bolted off into the night only to immediately have to skid to a grinding halt. This was one of those hurry up and wait situations where any lead gained in the previous leg became obsolete as the whole gang had to wait until the next day for a plane to Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can practically see the smoke pour out of Abbie and Ryan’s ears when things like this happen. Honestly, I feel like these two should do their own little mini-contests and bets amongst themselves during their down time because this show is simply not intense enough for them and they need to find a way to sate themselves.

The group arrived in Dhaka, where the chaos was so thrumming and intense it was almost palpable through the TV screen. All the cacophonous bustle did seem really overwhelming, and as everyone scurried for taxis, you could hear a few of the racers warning their teammates about not getting run over. I’ve never said this before and I will likely never say it again, but I actually thought Rob and Kelley did a smart thing; it was a good move to stop at the taxi stand, since the man working there spoke English and could get them where they needed to go. But as soon as they settled in to their seats and Rob said “We probably made the right move,” I knew trouble was ahead. Sure enough, they got lost and soon found themselves at a massive landfill manned (dogged?) by a lone, scavenging canine. And Team Truckers weren’t the only ones. Team Texas’ driver stopped to get gas, a foreshadowing of the car troubles that would follow them the rest of the leg. Taxi madness also plagued Gary, who’d been all go get ’em on the plane but quickly fell back into his dark, moody, Will-chastising place when their driver started taking them down a back alley. Really, Will should have thought twice before trying to stay positive.

In contrast to many of the teams, the Twinnies seemed kind of amused and jazzed by the madhouse environment. “Aggressive driving, woo-hoo!” they cheered. “Third world Grand Theft Auto,” Nadiya called Dhaka, and Natalie added “Minus the nice cars.” How long do you think it will be before these two have a show on Oxygen? Here’s what I appreciate about this team: they compete hard, but there’s always levity, and to me, this is what makes them so relaxing to watch – volume be damned. Team Beekman has this quality, too. Riding through the commotion of Dhaka, Josh spotted a bunch of goats and exclaimed “We’re among our peeps!”

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