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October 04, 2016 AT 02:28 AM EDT

Ten seasons in and we know this is a show about smart people — and if you didn’t, I’m sure Sheldon would remind you — but as tonight’s episode proved, no amount of intelligence can help you with an emotional problem. Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet (or just get in a car with an angry Bernadette) and delve into your feelings, for better or worse.

In Sheldon’s case, it would appear that the tall physicist did not fully realize that their compressed schedule — which he was responsible for — would mean pulling a few (or maybe many) all-nighters. Of course at first he attempts to go it without the aid of caffeinated beverages, but eventually, as any college student could predict, he gives into his exhaustion (and one very pushy hallucination of the Flash) and exchanges his Yoo-hoo (a.k.a. “chocolate milk’s watery cousin”) for his first-ever energy drink.

But when his giant burst of energy does eventually fade, Sheldon doesn’t crash as much as convince himself that he has a caffeine addiction. But this gets to be too much for Leonard and Howard, who once again stress that Sheldon is responsible for their predicament and that he really should get back to work as they are way behind schedule. That’s when the usually proud Sheldon Cooper admits that not only can he not figure out the math, but that maybe he’s not as smart as he thinks he is. However the moment is soon lost as he then promptly dozes off.

Armed with this new knowledge, the guys (minus Raj) go tell Colonel Williams that they are behind schedule, enough so that they would require Colonel Williams that they are behind schedule, enough so that they would require two years to do what he’s asking of them. The Colonel agrees, quipping, “You think you’re the first government contractor to not deliver on time?”

Meanwhile, Penny accompanies Amy to a party at her geology buddy Bert’s (guest star Brian Posehn) house, where she makes a shocking discovery: Amy Farrah Fowler is not only CalTech’s resident “trendsetter,” but also the coolest girl on campus. (Let’s just take a minute to appreciate Amy’s own disbelieving, “No!” to this latest development.) And if things couldn’t get zanier, it turns out that Sheldon is popular because he’s dating Amy. After seasons of Amy not considering herself as cool as her friends — especially Penny — it’s nice to see that she actually is popular.

Considering the party a success, despite the lack of any other guests, both women bid their goodbyes — but not before Penny drops a rock-themed pun of her own, promising that neither she nor Amy will take their popularity for “granite.”

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