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Amanda Bell
April 22, 2016 AT 01:32 AM EDT

It’s a brutal battle of House Sheldon versus House Leonard — with the couch as the Iron Throne — on this week’s Westerosian episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Coinciding with the real-life return of Game of Thrones to HBO this Sunday for its sixth season, our favorite physicists are in for another round of the Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization effect, and this time all their friends (and GFs, of course) are caught in the middle of their vicious vortex. As any GoT enthusiast knows — Jon Snow especially — betrayals and secondary skirmishes are bound to happen when a war of this magnitude is declared, and so they do.

The tension first begins when Raj boasts about his newfound status as a two-timer (newsflash: That doesn’t make you cool, Raj, even if people do believe you) after getting a call from one of his two lady friends. This mercifully interrupts the guys’ comic book shop discussion of whether Man-Bat is really a bat-man or a man-man or a bat-man-bat — gotta love ‘em — and leaves Leonard scratching his head about Raj’s relationship status instead.

Although they might celebrate in some supreme nerdery sometimes, when it comes to Game of Thrones premiere night, Sheldon and Leonard are basically all of us. Maybe even more subdued in the geekery department than most right now (imagine that!). They’ve decided to host a viewing shindig together, as one does, complete with party subs for their not-a-party-party.

Sheldon: Why did you get a party sub?

Leonard: People are coming over; it’s fun.

Sheldon: We’re only watching Game of Thrones. A party sub implies that it’s a party.

Leonard: Your attendance implies that it’s not.


But before the on-screen “dragons, snow zombies, and [dead] hot guys” (Penny’s rather accurate show synopsis) fun can begin, Sheldon wants to remind his roomie(s) that their quarterly roommate meeting is happening tomorrow, per their agreement. Penny’s even memorized the Pledge of Allegiance this time.

But Leonard — the self-proclaimed “only adult of the apartment” — is giving that a hard pass because he has zero interest in determining whether they go with the Post or Kellogg’s Raisin Bran boxes and other trivialities, especially since Sheldon’s the only one who even eats the stuff.

Even after Penny says she’s still game for the meeting (“We made a deal”), Leonard’s basically the human form of beryllium (that’s geek speak for inflexible) about the matter, holding as strongly to his refusal as Ned Stark clung to his honor, even after Sheldon breaks out his travel gavel. So since stubborn is as stubborn does, the two erupt into a shouting spar, and Leonard’s left pouting in the armchair.

Meanwhile, Raj is quickly beginning to make Howard ill with all his “complaints” (wink wink) about all the restless nights he’s having now that he’s making whoopee for two. He even drags Bernie into the matter when she says she’s going to nap since she’s worn out from all the human-cooking she’s doing at present. “That sounds great. A bed to yourself. I can’t even remember what that’s like,” he says. Grooooss.

He then follows that up by agreeing with Howard’s concerns about possibly having a daughter, saying, “Guys are the worst. I let Emily make me a frittata, and I kept the leftovers in Claire’s fridge that night. I’m such a dog.” Stahhhhp Raj!

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