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December 17, 2015 AT 06:40 PM EST

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What happens when you get pitted against your family in the greatest competition reality show of all time?! Well, not that much, it turns out because you’re still fighting with your bloodline.

Last week’s Challenge ended with a cliffhanger, as T.J. Lavin announced that the players would be split up into two teams and no bloodline would be on the same teams. Now, we see how that plays out. T.J. deems Cara Maria and her cousin Jamie the two team captains, and they’ll take turns picking vets. The vet’s bloodline will head to the other team. A few dumb picks later (c’mon Cara), here’s how the teams fleshed out:

Red Team: Cara Maria, Bananas, Candice, Tony, Brianna, Cory, Camila, Anthony, Thomas, Rianna, Dario, Nicole

Blue Team: Jamie, Jenna, Larissa, Vince, Leroy, Shane, Mitch, Nany, KellyAnne, Stephen, Aneesa, Raphy

But just when everyone thinks they’re disconnected from their bloodline, T.J. drops a bomb: “Just because your bloodline is on the other team doesn’t mean they’re out of your lives just yet. Your fate in this game is still tied to them.” Turns out if your fam goes home, you go home. So even if you win a challenge, there’s no guarantee you’re safe. Complicated drama ensues.

When it comes challenge time, the blue folks think they’re set, since red is stacked with a bunch of rookies who seem like duds (Rianna, Nicole, Brianna), but au contraire challenge competitors! Cara’s team crushes Jamie’s team as they leap across unstable, swinging barges elevated over a giant body of water.

Two blue women will go into the pit — one voted by their own team and one by the red team — and here’s where it gets interesting since some of the red players are at risk of going home even though they won the challenge. Ah, these rules!

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When it becomes obvious that Jamie’s team is ready to vote in Larissa, Camila goes on the warpath and embarks on what Bananas calls “the most aggressive campaign” he’s seen in his entire life to keep her safe. She fails, and Larissa will face Jenna in the pit…next week.

The episode ends on yet another cliffhanger after dark horse Tony comes out of the gates to have the most dramatic scene of the night when he straight up passes out after coming home from the hospital (more on that later). To be continued, MTV warns, as the camera shows him laying on the ground.

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